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Turkish Court Convicts Leeds Ex-Soldier of Terrorism Offenses

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Joe Robinson, 25, was arrested and charged with terrorism offenses while on holiday in Turkey last year. He was accused of being a member of the YPG, a Kurdish armed group classed as a terrorist organisation by the Turkish government. I feel sorry for this guy and his girlfriend.Not smart … Read More

Free Speech on trial in Turkey

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  A destination popular with tourists for its beautiful beaches and mouth-watering kebabs,  but sadly, Turkey is no stranger to the incarceration of their journalists. Taking the lead as the world’s leading jailer of journalists, Turkey surpasses Egypt and China when it comes to suppression of press freedom. The Gryphon … Read More

Evolutionary Challenge

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As another term begins and we dutifully file into lecture theatres, classrooms, or downstairs to the living room because it’s raining out and there’s lecture capture these days, we can remain confident our respective subjects haven’t been tampered with by the government. In Turkey though it’s another story, where following … Read More

The Limits of Hospitality: Should We Ease the Pressure Off Turkey?

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Earlier this week, Turkey announced they were reaching the end of the road for being able to accept refugees. With Assad relentlessly shaking Syria like a piggy bank, Turkey is struggling to cope with the 2.5 million refugees spilling over onto its soil. Perhaps what is most disheartening, is seeing … Read More

The five days of Christmas (sandwiches)

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Monday I go inside Tesco to the perennially busy Meal Deal aisle. Today, six students have huddled round a spilled Fanta and are pointing accusatory fingers at one another. I skirt round and peruse the coolers for the Christmas offering. There is only one; turkey and trimmings, £2.20. I look … Read More