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REVIEW: Flint Town

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Filmed from above, a dark police car rolls noiselessly along a snow-covered track. Streetlights above reveal the road to be quiet and deserted. A crackly voice issuing from a police radio breaks the silence: “We have a male, white, wearing a Michigan State hoodie down in a driveway, semi-conscious… we … Read More

Hybridised TV Shows: Are We Just Recreating New Versions of Old Classics?    

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Even if the TV world is codified in several specific genres, hybridised television series that intertwine those different types of storylines are arising. Turning on the TV used to mean always seeing the same things. A crime TV series, then a romance, and between those two a cooking show to … Read More

Cry Me a River: The Decline of Riverdale

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Popular Netflix show Riverdale has never been particularly well-written or well-acted. Despite the avid attention it garnered from its audience, it’s unlikely that anyone believed it possible that it could get any worse. But somehow, impossibly, the second season is even worse than the first. From dreaded beginning to glorious … Read More

Did Star Trek: Discovery Fall Short or Prosper?

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Star Trek: Discovery is the beloved franchise‘s return to the small screen after 12 years. Set ten years before the original series, Discovery follows Federation officer Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) who unexpectedly finds herself at the forefront of a war between the United Federation of Planets and the Klingon Empire. … Read More

Black Mirror: A Ranking

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Here is Lifestyle and Culture’s ranking of all 19 episodes from worst to best Metalhead S4E5 While well-filmed and acted, this post-apocalyptic episode with a very violent dog-like machine pursuing a woman is just boring. In another show, this might’ve been a standout, but this is Black Mirror. Playtest S3E2 … Read More

Tv Shows to Look out for In 2018

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Many of our favourite shows are returning this year, and there are some new additions to the small screen which show promise. Here is a run down of a few big ones to look out for this year. The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story – FX The second … Read More

Twin Peaks Episode 14 Review and Analysis: An ode to David Bowie

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What. A. Dream. When Twin Peaks decides to make an impact, it comes hurtling at us in full force. This was an episode that shows the series’ skill in placing us within a shroud of smoke, meaning that even the most basic facts become disorientating. How did we never link … Read More

Twin Peaks Episode 12: Review and Analysis

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If the three minute scene in episode 7 in which a man relentlessly brushed the floor of The Roadhouse was too much for you, then this week’s episode would have been a brushstroke (or few) too far  *Warning, this article contains spoilers* David Lynch can do no wrong. Quite literally: … Read More

Twin Peaks Episode 11 Review and Analysis: The Return of the Cherry Pie

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Warning: this article includes spoilers, do not read unless you have been following Twin Peaks: The Return All is not what it seems in the poor old town of Twin Peaks. This week’s episode seamlessly flows from the horror-esque images of Hasting’s half mauled, half-chewed looking head to the dry-humour … Read More

The problem with 13 Reasons Why

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The Netflix show has divided opinion with its portrayal of mental health. Eve explains why the show is an inaccurate representation, and why it could be damaging for some of its viewers: I have many issues with the new Netflix series 13 Reasons Why. In fact I have many more … Read More