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Twin Peaks Episode 14 Review and Analysis: An ode to David Bowie

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What. A. Dream. When Twin Peaks decides to make an impact, it comes hurtling at us in full force. This was an episode that shows the series’ skill in placing us within a shroud of smoke, meaning that even the most basic facts become disorientating. How did we never link … Read More

Twin Peaks Episode 12: Review and Analysis

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If the three minute scene in episode 7 in which a man relentlessly brushed the floor of The Roadhouse was too much for you, then this week’s episode would have been a brushstroke (or few) too far  *Warning, this article contains spoilers* David Lynch can do no wrong. Quite literally: … Read More

Twin Peaks Episode 11 Review and Analysis: The Return of the Cherry Pie

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Warning: this article includes spoilers, do not read unless you have been following Twin Peaks: The Return All is not what it seems in the poor old town of Twin Peaks. This week’s episode seamlessly flows from the horror-esque images of Hasting’s half mauled, half-chewed looking head to the dry-humour … Read More

Top 10 Most Anticipated TV Shows of 2017

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It seems that the TV Gods have blessed us with some action-packed new arrivals coming to our screens throughout 2017. With the honourable mention going to ‘The Young Pope’ and ‘Scandal’, I have whittled this list down to the top 10 TV-Shows to watch out for this year. 10 – … Read More

Twin Peaks @ Brudenell Social Club, 24/10/16

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Since the untimely demise of The Cockpit, Brudenell Social Club has long been cited as the very heart and soul of the Leeds music scene. That may be, but the legendary venue is no stranger to playing host to bands with origins (and sounds) a little further afield, in this … Read More

TV | LSi top TV picks to get you in the mood for Halloween

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So you want to get into the Halloween spirit but you have your dissertation looming over your head. Procrastination is one thing, but you just can’t bring yourself to watch The Human Centipede: Full Sequence, and Caspar the Friendly Ghost just doesn’t cut it anymore. Halloween television is a mixed … Read More