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The Poppy Controversy: A Sign of Respect Or An Endorsement Of War?

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The Case For Poppies: A Sign of Respect For some time, and most notably in the past few years, the choice to wear – or not to wear – a poppy leading up to Remembrance Sunday has unfortunately become somewhat of a political or religious statement. From my point of … Read More

The End of Austerity? Don’t be Absurd

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Last week, we saw the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Philip Hammond, deliver the annual budget. The defining moment of this year’s budget was Hammond’s bold declaration that “the era of austerity is finally coming to an end.” So, is he telling the truth? Moreover, has austerity worked? The answers, of … Read More

The Naming of Sir Philip Green: Win For Workplace Rights or Defeat For Democracy?

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The cover-up of workplace harassment by the wealthy was once again brought to the forefront of both parliamentary and public attention last week, with The Telegraph revealing that they had been prevented from sharing information concerning a leading British businessman. Ominously referring to the case as ‘The British #MeToo scandal … Read More

Clegg Goes Through the Revolving Door

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Nick Clegg accepting a position at Facebook shouldn’t be viewed as an isolated anomaly, or even particularly noteworthy in its own right. It’s the coming together of two long-term trends in British politics: the unhealthy relationship between the media and state, and the so-called ‘revolving door’ between the parliament and … Read More

Both The Conservatives And Labour Are Wrong About Housing

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As it stands, the people of Britain are quite divided. There is, though, one issue that brings them all together – housing. There’s a rare consensus in Britain that cuts across all the political spectrum. We need more houses. This is understandable but wrong. Theresa May was right about one … Read More

Internet Activism or ‘Slacktivism’?

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This year marked the 26th anniversary of #worldmentalhealthday: a campaign geared towards ‘raising awareness’ about mental health issues. While this is valuable, both the campaign and the hashtag touch upon two complex issues surrounding mental health: the limitations of internet activism, and the wider notion of ‘raising awareness’ with its … Read More

Beware the Populist Who Attacks the Free Press

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“A FREE PRESS HAS FAR TOO OFTEN MEANT THE FREEDOM TO SPREAD LIES AND HALF-TRUTHS” Upon reading the above quote you could be forgiven for thinking it had escaped from the lips of the belligerent and capricious right-wing populist who currently resides in the White House. However, this disparaging of … Read More

Middle-Class Drug Use: Violent Crime or Stigmatisation?

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Home Secretary Sajid Javid is responding to a rise in violent crime on the streets of London by attempting to tackle middle-class drug use. He’s launched a major review of the issue that will focus on use amongst professionals. These statements haven’t been formed into any specific legislation yet. Authorities … Read More

The ‘UKIP-isation’ of Labour’s New Immigration Policy

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The aims of the Labour Party’s new immigration policy, to create a level playing field for EU and non-EU migrants whilst allowing workers with specific skill sets into the country, is both laudable and economically prudent. The problem, though, is that in their desperation to enact a fairer immigration policy … Read More

Why are we still asking the question, Deal or No Deal?

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Jacob Rees-Mogg recently claimed that the British economy would receive a ‘£80 billion boost’ if we were to leave the European Union without a deal, instead of trading under World Trade Organisation rules. This is on the basis of a report published on Tuesday by Brexiteer think tank ‘Economists for … Read More