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Oxford abroad? The University is considering opening campuses abroad to continue receiving EU benefits

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Oxford University is considering opening its first foreign campus in response to the UK leaving the European Union. This would break the university’s 700 year tradition as it has never opened a foreign branch. The former director of the French ministry for education, Jean-Michel Blanquer, confirmed French authorities were working … Read More

Britain in a Flap: Bird Flu’s back

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We all remember the pandemic known as bird flu which took place in Britain about 10 years ago, but what has happened to it since? Has it simply just vanished off the face of the earth, or it is still lurking around? Bird Flu, or avian influenza, has been around … Read More

Why does Britain favour Costa when the world favours Starbucks?

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(Photo from : Worldvs.com) Together, Costa and Starbucks account for 72 percent of spending in Britain’s branded coffee-shops and with 1.7bn cups of coffee sold each year in the UK, it’s no surprise that Costa and Starbucks fight for bragging rights. Whilst Costa may be ‘The Nation’s Favourite Coffee Shop’, … Read More

Trump is our problem too

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Trump’s victory was followed by an uncharacteristically gracious acceptance speech where he reached out to opponents and pledged to serve for all. This is perhaps an early sign that he could in practice be less radical than the election signalled. However a number of Trump’s positions still look to produce … Read More

Institutional racism in British universities

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Despite their endorsements of diversity and inclusivity, institutional racism has been a recurring theme throughout British universities. With statistics such as 60 of the UK’s 14,000 professors being black across the entire sector, academics and student organisations have been lobbying for change. Apart from the racial inequality in the staffing, … Read More

BAME graduates ‘2.5 times more likely to be jobless than white peers’

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According to the Trade Unions Congress, Black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) workers with degrees are two and a half times more likely to be unemployed than their white peers. Official statistics, published by the TUC to mark the beginning of its annual black workers’ conference, show the unemployment rate … Read More

Price of Football: What’s the cost?

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THE price of football in the UK can be perfectly summed up by one fact, found by BBC Sport in their Price of Football study: Eastleigh, who play in the National League, offer the cheapest season ticket in the top five leagues of English football, at a cost of £120. However, … Read More

68% of Leeds University staff ‘likely to vote Labour’

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An election survey by Times Higher Education (THE) has revealed that almost 3/4 of staff at the University will vote for the Labour party this Thursday. The survey, which was released online gained 1,019 responses from higher education staff across ten UK universities. The data showed that 46 per cent of … Read More

News | A Capella society ace competition

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The A Capella society’s primary choir have sung their way into the top five groups in the country this week. The Songsmiths did a tour-de-force performance as they took part in the Voice Festival UK (VFUK) 2014, held at the City of London School for Girls. This year’s festival is … Read More

News | Gale-force winds cause damage on campus

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Students in Leeds may have been feeling under the weather today as gale-force winds caused mass disruption in many areas of the city. At midday winds reached 30 mph, while at their maximum strength gusts reached up to 80mph. Campus felt the full force of the weather, with the front … Read More