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The Folly of UKIP’s Current Leader Gerard Batten

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It’s not often I agree with Nigel Farage but his assessment of UKIP’s drift under Gerard Batten is more-or-less spot on. Batten has made the critical mistake of confusing social media with political reality, an error perfectly encapsulated by his attempts to bring Tommy Robinson on board. See, amidst the … Read More

The ‘UKIP-isation’ of Labour’s New Immigration Policy

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The aims of the Labour Party’s new immigration policy, to create a level playing field for EU and non-EU migrants whilst allowing workers with specific skill sets into the country, is both laudable and economically prudent. The problem, though, is that in their desperation to enact a fairer immigration policy … Read More

About last night: where are we now?

2 years ago / 0 comments

Theresa May’s snap election didn’t go entirely to plan. Much has changed, but not in the way most forecasted, with the Tories only to be saved from a hung parliament by the support of Northern Ireland’s DUP. Labour took seats across England, Scotland and Wales, whilst the Tories were saved by … Read More

Leeds UKIP candidate supports NHS privatisation

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Leeds Central UKIP candidate Bill Palfreman has expressed his support for privatising the NHS at a hustings organised by Open Rights Group, Amnesty International, and Global Justice Now. Speaking first to the public in relation to cyber security and attacks on the NHS, Palfreman said “I don’t know if anyone remembers … Read More

68% of Leeds University staff ‘likely to vote Labour’

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An election survey by Times Higher Education (THE) has revealed that almost 3/4 of staff at the University will vote for the Labour party this Thursday. The survey, which was released online gained 1,019 responses from higher education staff across ten UK universities. The data showed that 46 per cent of … Read More

UKIP Secretary asks Leeds student: ‘What are LGBT people?’

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A Leeds University student has been left shocked after receiving an email from UKIP’s Yorkshire regional secretary asking her to explain “what LGBT people are.” Charlie Smith, a third year Broadcast Journalism student, contacted Peter Morgan to ask him to speak on her radio show, The LGBT Show. After sending … Read More

New year, new you

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It’s an exciting time, this. It’s a new year, a new term, a new start. This time of year is great for updating your outlook, and making some changes for the future. Alas, for me, the whole New Year’s Resolution thing is ruined by the fact that I’m already really … Read More

UPDATE: Leeds graduate dies in Thailand

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The family of a Leeds University graduate who died in Thailand last week have paid tribute to their daughter who they claim died from natural causes. Posting on Christina Annesley’s Facebook page, her mother Margaret wrote, ‘We have lost our beautiful daughter Chrissie in Thailand of natural causes. We are … Read More

The Charlie Hebdo series: a fight for cultural acceptance, a fight for human rights

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Amongst humanity’s many crimes, failure to ingrain tolerance at the foundations of society must sit the highest. The despicable acts of the men responsible for yesterday’s attack on the Charlie Hebdo office in Paris have provoked the worldwide fury, shock and grief that should accompany every loss of human life … Read More

UKIP victory is a false dawn for British democracy

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It cannot be denied that UKIP have had a good month. Not only has Nigel Farage been invited to take part in the party leader’s TV debate in 2015, but Tory defector Douglas Carswell was recently elected as UKIP’s first MP in the Clacton by-election- a serious blow for the … Read More