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Universities Accused of Racially Profiling UCAS Applications

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Data from UCAS has revealed that black students applying to university are more likely to have their applications investigated than white students. The information shows that last September, 419 black students had their applications highlighted as requiring further investigation, compared to 181 from white students. This means it is 21 … Read More

ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: 10 of the best jazzy gym leggings

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It goes without saying that when you look good, you feel good. Everyone wants to achieve that summer body and getting the motivation can be a challenge. As students we don’t always have the cash to splash out on sportswear so whether you are a once-a–week jogger or a seasoned … Read More

ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: Trend Alert – Embroidery

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Embroidery has been all over the high street for a while, but it’s luxury brands like Gucci which have catapulted the trend to the forefront of spring style. A perfect way to add colour to your wardrobe, embroidered pieces are fitting for the transition into spring and summer, and are … Read More

RAG Fashion Show – Editor’s Picks

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ELEMENTS Perhaps the most fundamental infrastructure of planet earth are the elements which can be traced back thousands of years, comprising briefly, but not entirely, of aluminium, titanium, silver, gold and copper. This dynamic Segment of the RAG fashion show incorporated a modern twist on a representation of these elements, … Read More

Leeds RAG Fashion Show Review – Samsara

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The annual Leeds RAG Fashion Show is one of the most highly anticipated events on the union calendar, and this year’s show, Samsara, was no exception. Samsara, directed by Scarlett Gurney and Assistant Directors Helen Clifford and Laura Clifford, represented the cycle of the earth, focusing on sustainable topics such … Read More

Campus Watch: Northumbria Uni miscalculation results in administration of “life threatening” doses of caffeine

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Northumbria University has been fined £400,000 after staff miscalculated an experiment, resulting in two students being rushed to intensive care. Alex Rossetta and Luke Parkin, both science students, were put on dialysis after being given 30g of caffeine, 100 times more than the dose they were supposed to be given. … Read More

Campus Watch: Bristol University develops new technology to make nuclear waste useful

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How do you deal with nuclear waste? Turn it into a diamond battery of course! A team of physicists and chemists at the University of Bristol have developed new technology that harnesses nuclear waste to generate electricity. They have created a man-made diamond which, when placed in a radioactive field, … Read More

Campus Watch: Cambridge University accused of covering up anti-Semitic attacks

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At the end of October in the graduate student union at Cambridge University, three Jewish students wearing kippahs were verbally and physically abused as they were leaving the private party for the sporting societies of Christ’s College. As they were leaving, they were met with a mob that allegedly tried … Read More

Guiltless Trump pays £25 million in lawsuit

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President-Elect Donald Trump will face tough challenges once in office but in the meantime he’s been facing some challenges of his own, finally settling a six year long lawsuit against his company, ‘Trump University’. The settlement has been set at 25 million dollars, with $21 million to be divided between … Read More

Gold-flecked GM ‘wonder-wheat’ to feed the world

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An Essex University Professor, Christine Raines, is leading a team of scientists who are at the forefront of research into genetically modified crops. This team is researching whether wheat can be made to increase its yield, by looking into an enzyme crucial in the process of photosynthesis. The wheat seeds … Read More