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Leeds Academics Announce Strike Action

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Staff at the University of Leeds have announced a three-day strike next week, from Wednesday 11th to Friday 13th October. Many Leeds academics are taking part, in a dispute over employment procedures. Members of the University and College Union (UCU) argue that management is adding new dismissal policy that would … Read More

LUU At Renovation Station

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Leeds University Union has undergone large-scale renovations as part of campus-wide development to buildings and facilities.  The aim of the Union upgrade has been to refurbish cafés, bars and shops within the building, in addition to improving accessibility to all facilities and venues. Lifts and ramps have been added, all … Read More

Rare Chilean painting discovered in Terrace

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A 42-year-old artwork dedicated to Chilean refugees who fled the Pinochet regime has been uncovered during the Union upgrade. As a result, members of the Chilean community in Leeds contacted the Union chief executive, Aidan Grills, in order to seek his assurances that the valuable mural will be preserved. Gilberto … Read More

Tuition fees in England are now the highest in the world

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According to new analysis by the Student Loan Calculator website, domestic university tuition fees in England are now the highest in the world. The average annual cost of £9,188 now exceeds that of the average domestic student at a public university in the United States, who pays the equivalent of … Read More

Student forum proposals put to panel

2 years ago / 8 comments

LUU votes unanimously to reject the NSS boycott, as well as to introduce compulsory equality and diversity training for all committees. Leeds students put forward the leading forum proposals to a random panel of students at Thursday’s Better University Forum. The forum, attended by idea proposers, student exec and school … Read More

Why are Fruity blurring out VKs from photos?

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Photos from Fruity have been edited in an attempt to remove VKs from the image. It has not yet been established why the drinks are being blurred out, although it is possibly to ensure the photos don’t act as advertisements for the brand or to help promote more responsible drinking. VKs (abbreviation for Vodkakicks) … Read More

Something More? LUU Christian Society hosts week of evangelical talks outside the Union

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This week, the Leeds University Christian Union hosted an event to encourage students to contemplate Christianity with daily talks, entertainment and free lunches. Their marquee, which stood opposite the Student Union, attracted hungry and curious students for the daily gatherings and pay as you feel cafe. The students were invited … Read More

Scissors – LUU hosts first women-centred LGBTQ+ club night

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Tonight marks the first Leeds University Union’s women-centred queer dance party, Scissors. Emma Healey, LUU’s Equality and Diversity Officer, came up with the concept for the event which launches the start of LGBTQ+ History Month. The event is open to all genders, but aims mainly to celebrate the women, non-binary … Read More

Students left in dark over absent Leeds Beckett President

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Beckett Students’ Union President Joe Murray absent from post for over two weeks amidst suspension rumours A number of students have signed an open letter to Nicky Goldthorpe, Chief Executive of Leeds Beckett Student’s Union, calling on the Union to provide information as to why President, Joe Murray, is absent … Read More

Transgender Day of Remembrance in LUU

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November the 21st marks Trans Day of Remembrance. 2016 has been the deadliest year on record for trans people, and in particular trans women of colour, as many have been unlawfully killed. At 5.30pm, the Union will hold a vigil to commemorate those that we have lost, which will be … Read More