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Campus Watch: Trump administration attacks students’ transgender rights on campuses across the nation

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The Trump administration has withdrawn federal guidance which gives transgender students access to bathrooms which match their gender identity. The move could give many schools an excuse to restrict trans rights. The Obama administration issued guidance in 2016 that interprets discrimination on gender identity as part of discriminating on the … Read More

Oxford abroad? The University is considering opening campuses abroad to continue receiving EU benefits

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Oxford University is considering opening its first foreign campus in response to the UK leaving the European Union. This would break the university’s 700 year tradition as it has never opened a foreign branch. The former director of the French ministry for education, Jean-Michel Blanquer, confirmed French authorities were working … Read More

Institutional racism in British universities

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Despite their endorsements of diversity and inclusivity, institutional racism has been a recurring theme throughout British universities. With statistics such as 60 of the UK’s 14,000 professors being black across the entire sector, academics and student organisations have been lobbying for change. Apart from the racial inequality in the staffing, … Read More

British universities consider their post-Brexit options

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British universities are considering extending their campuses into the European Union due to heightened uncertainties surrounding Brexit over what sort of relationship they will have with the EU in the future. On Monday [3 Oct. 2016], Prime Minister Theresa May announced her intention to trigger Article 50 by the end … Read More

Universities in South Africa close amid tuition protests

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Protests for free university education in South Africa escalated this week, prompting at least four institutions to close temporarily just before the exam period is due to begin. The protests follow a government proposal to raise tuition fees by up to eight per cent. With many young black South Africans, … Read More

Universities: A safe space?

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What are universities? Many of us, including the dictionary, might define them as‘high-level educational institutions in which students study for degrees.’ However, this is not the case for several students from Yale. In late 2015 a video was uploaded to YouTube of an undergraduate screaming at one of the university’s … Read More

Universities paid students £400,000 in compensation in 2014

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Today it was revealed that universities in England and Wales paid more than £400,000 in compensation to students last year due to complaints that were taken to the Office of the Independent Adjudicator for Higher Education (OIA). The OIA is an independent body set up to review student complaints and … Read More