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Ambivalent Annies and Fickle Fannies

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Scientists have now proved that women are the less decisive sex – I know it’s true ‘cos I read it in the Daily Mail. Any chance to reinforce an unqualified social stereotype and the Daily Mail Online whips out a megaphone. Just another bit of harmless chauvinism based on pseudo-science … Read More

K[ale]-holing: the Cool debate

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‘I read in Vogue,’ said my housemate ‘that it’s all different for us. Our parents’ generation took loads of drugs, so it’s just not cool anymore. We’ve replaced drugs with vegetables.’ Well this was fantastic news for me. I was still very much under the impression that drugs were cool, … Read More

News | 376 Leeds Uni courses enter clearing

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Sixth Formers across the country have received their A-Level results this morning, with 300,000 students finding out their grades. The results were released simultaneously to colleges nationwide by exams boards. As Clearing begins, the University of Leeds will be trying to prevent another student shortage, which has been a concern … Read More

Science | Leeds excels in regenerative technologies

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Leeds Uni’s Biology department boasts a large scope of world-leading research, one such area is that of tissue engineering and more specifically, acellular tissue scaffold production. Our cells produce chemicals and proteins which make up physical networks between each other. This extra cellular matrix helps define the functions of our tissues and organs. If we remove the cells from … Read More

Science | New biosensor for Alzheimer’s

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A new biosensor developed by scientists at the University of Leeds could revolutionise the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease. The research explains how the biosensor measures harmful clusters of the protein amyloid-beta in a patient’s bloodstream, an early indicator of Alzheimer’s disease. The sensor works by a blood test. Previous studies … Read More

Science | Research Round-Up part 1

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Current research at the University of Leeds proves crucial… There is far more going on at the university than we, as students, get the chance to perceive on a daily basis. Outside the lecture theatres in Roger Stevens or the student union on a Friday night we rarely find out … Read More

A Feminist’s Guide to Summer

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Leeds has experienced a mass student exodus, we all survived moving weekend, exam results are in and the sun has actually come out long enough to make me purchase a pair of shorts: I can no longer deny that summer is officially here. But even though you’re still more likely to find me indoors stubbornly knitting a winter scarf … Read More

Oh, I do like to live beside the seaside

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As you may have guessed by my writing in this publication, during term time I live in the sunny city of Leeds. However, my home town is a popular seaside resort on the East Coast; you know, the kind of place where people would die to live, and rightly so. … Read More

Top Ten Moving Week Moments

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1. Packing up your room at the end of a university year is the best way to awaken the eco-warrior in even the most reluctant of us as we pile up leaflet after leaflet after leaflet to be recycled. Flyering is ruining our planet, people! How can I possibly make … Read More

M62 crash victim confirmed as first year nursing student

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A woman who was killed in a road collision on Friday has been confirmed as 18-year-old Bethany Jones, a first year nursing student at the University. The crash happened at approximately 11.30am, when a lorry collided with a minibus on the the M62 near Pontefract. A total of 21 passengers … Read More