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POLL: Should the University accept money from tax avoiders?

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In light of Leeds Student’s most recent front pages, do you think it’s acceptable for the University to take money from tax avoiders? Read our front page on Lord Laidlaw’s donations here Read our Comment on dubious donors here

Black History Month: who's in, who's out?

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Black History Month (BHM) is an event that has existed for over 80 years throughout America, Canada, and the United Kingdom. It is a way of showing remembrance and celebrating important figures who have helped change and shape historical events, making the world the place that it is today. The … Read More

National newspapers accuse Leeds of 'social engineering'

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The University has been accused of ‘social engineering’ by two national newspapers. Based on an investigation into the country’s top educational institutions, The Telegraph and Daily Mail claim that some universities offer lower entry requirements to those from poorer backgrounds. The Telegraph claims that at Leeds, students applying to read … Read More