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Government Backs 2 Year Degrees to Lower Tuition Fees

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The British Government looks set to pave the way for more intensive courses that would make it overall cheaper and faster for students to gain a degree. This will be in the form of accelerated degrees where the content of a course will be condensed down to 2 years from … Read More

Ten Best-Paid Jobs for University Students, Surveys Suggest

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Want a lucrative part-time job to see you through the academic year? Here’s a run-down of the 10-best paid jobs out there. Just put my work shifts into my calendar and loooool why am I so fully booked for the next couple of weeks??? I love it tho having my … Read More

Will Handwritten Exams Soon be a Thing of the Past?

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If you type out your lecture notes, you soon might be one step ahead of the competition – some universities are now opting for the use of computers, instead of the more-traditional pen-and-paper, for exams. Rather than “Please put your pens down!”, invigilators soon might be shouting “Please close your … Read More

Minister Launches ‘Go Compare’ Style App to Aid Disadvantaged Students

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The government has announced plans for a new app – not too dissimilar to ‘Go Compare’ – that compares the outcomes of university graduates. It is intended to help students from ‘poorer’ backgrounds to better understand which universities are best for them.  However, some have criticised the the app as … Read More

Brazilian Forces Invade Universities in Suppression of Free Speech

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Brazilian media have reported that Brazilian police have staged raids authorised by the electoral authorities, sometimes without warrants, in universities across the country. In these raids, professors were questioned and materials belonging to professors and students were confiscated. Over 20 universities in Brazil were subjected to invasions by military police … Read More

“Three or Four Universities” on the Brink of Bankruptcy

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Student debt has been in the headlines recently. But it turns out that students who owe tens of thousands of pounds once they graduate aren’t the only ones who are struggling. With reports that three British universities are on the brink of bankruptcy, how are institutions which are allowed to … Read More

In a League of their Own: University of Leeds Women’s Rugby

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Image Credit: [University of Leeds Rugby League] The University of Leeds help lead the way in Women’s Rugby League, becoming only the second University in the UK to establish a women’s team. The University of Leeds is the birthplace of student rugby league and home to the oldest-running student men’s … Read More

Feeling Homesick? You’re Never Alone

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When ambitiously making plans for my gap year, I decided I would start by travelling alone to Mexico. I was meeting a group for a volunteering project but had a week of staying in Playa del Carmen alone first. This should have been the most exciting week of my life … Read More

Battling Loneliness in University

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A recent survey by the BBC Radio 4 has revealed that young people, including those at university, are some of the loneliest people in the country. Following this information, here are some top tips to help you deal with feelings of loneliness at university. The first tip is to join … Read More

How not to balance part-time work with university

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With the socialising, hard work and even harder partying, student life is not always easy. It’s even harder holding down a part-time job at the same time. Here are some of the things to avoid when you have to work alongside your studies: Don’t settle for the wrong job Fans … Read More