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How not to balance part-time work with university

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With the socialising, hard work and even harder partying, student life is not always easy. It’s even harder holding down a part-time job at the same time. Here are some of the things to avoid when you have to work alongside your studies: Don’t settle for the wrong job Fans … Read More

UK Falls Short in THE World University Rankings

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2019’s World University Rankings, published by Times Higher Education earlier today, revealed that both the University of Leeds and the UK in general had slipped in the ratings. The THE World University Rankings judges the performance of 980 universities across 79 countries. The United Kingdom claimed both top spots, with … Read More

Books Everyone Should Read While at Uni

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It is often said that going to university is truly a time to broaden your horizons and challenge your perception of the world around you. And with the University of Leeds’ five libraries housing three million items, what better way is there to expand your mind than picking up a … Read More

A no-deal Brexit is looking increasingly likely. What impact will this have on UK universities?

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With less access to funding, quitting academics, decreased intake and export of students to and from the EU, what’s not to love about a no-deal Brexit from the perspective of UK universities? The irony of Brexit does anything but escape students, some of whom were not even able to vote … Read More

SPOTLIGHT: Student Loans Company Overpayments Cause Hardship for Nursing Students

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Hundreds of Nursing Students across the UK have been overpaid by the Students Loan Company due to a mistake in calculations. Many of those affected rang the Students Loan Company asking to re-pay this amount but were told they didn’t need to.  It then came as a surprise to find … Read More

Universities Accused of Racially Profiling UCAS Applications

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Data from UCAS has revealed that black students applying to university are more likely to have their applications investigated than white students. The information shows that last September, 419 black students had their applications highlighted as requiring further investigation, compared to 181 from white students. This means it is 21 … Read More

Uni of Leeds Cums Third in Sex-Toy List

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The University of Leeds has come third in the race to be crowned as the UK’s kinkiest University. In a study that investigated the consumer habits of students from 20 different universities, it was found that the adventurous students of Leeds spent £8,633 on sex toys, lingerie and bondage products … Read More

Leeds Student Attacked At Headingley House Party [GRAPHIC]

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A University of Leeds student alleges he was stabbed, beaten and bitten in an “unprovoked” attack at a student house party in Headingley. Mitt Malhotra, 21, who studies Aviation Technology, says that he was targeted by at least three men just before 4.30am on Saturday, March 24, on Spring Road. … Read More

Report Reveals Sexual Assault ‘Epidemic’ At British Universities

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New figures have revealed that almost two-thirds of university students have experienced sexual violence. Revolt Sexual Assault, in cooperation with The Student Room, discovered that 62% of students had suffered from sexual harassment or assault, or both, while studying. This is the first time research has exposed this problem on … Read More

The UCU Strikes Back: Proposed Deal Rejected

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University strikers have voted to reject an agreement reached on Monday between the University and College Union (UCU) and the University UK (UUK) over a pensions dispute. The UCU – University of Leeds branch, along with the majority of other UCU branches, voted unanimously against the deal. Staff opposed to … Read More