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Comment | Wine, pizza and shutdown

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The U.S Government shutdown, dubbed the ‘horrifying circus’, was last week brought to a close, which meant thousands of civil servants could finally return to work. The conflicts of the past month are, for now, resolved, and a certain faction within the Senate has emerged triumphant. During the course of the … Read More

Comment | USA, The Land of Contradictions

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If I have to sum up the United States of America in one word, it is contradiction. The country is one extreme paradox that cannot be clearly defined by what it stands for because its culture caters for all the social extremes. It is a country which claims to care … Read More

Leeds College of Art | Psychedelic Posters from the 1960's – Expand Your Mind

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Known as the “turbulent sixties”, 1960s America saw the rise of civil unrest, driven by the youth culture that were newly intoxicated by sex, drugs, rock and roll. The artists of this time toyed around with the newly developing artistic techniques of surrealism. Barry Schwartz in “Psychedelic Art” (1968) believes that … Read More