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Black Panther: the film shaking the foundations of Colonialism

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Black Panther is a technicolour world, constructed by cinematographer Rachel Morrison, to the cast who are, to borrow from an popular black hair product line, ‘Dark [skinned] and Lovely’, the film’s politics are woven into its very fabric paralleling the Wakandan’s depositing of vibranium into their clothes. Over the course … Read More

Trio da Kali @Howard Assembly Room, 22/10

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As Trio da Kali stalked onto stage dressed in traditional dress, I was left feeling as if I should have made a little more effort and hoping that they sounded half as sharp live as Mamadou Kouyaté’s cheekbones looked. Never a disappointment, they proved to have both style and substance. … Read More

Review – Jungle Jam at Mint Warehouse

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Jungle Jam returned to its spiritual home of Mint Warehouse for another edition on November 25th.  The crowd may have been dominated by students, easily identifiable from their fresh faced glee, but woven amongst them were older junglists keeping their fire burning under the camouflage netting. The common denominator between … Read More