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Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Castings 2018

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This year’s Victoria’s Secret fashion show is headed in the right direction with confirmed castings showing that this show is set to be one of the most racially diverse in its history. In recent years, Victoria’s Secret has taken many positive steps towards improving its inclusivity on the runway. In … Read More

The VS fashion show: an under-represented, potentially damaging display?

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In the aftermath of this years Victoria’s Secret catwalk in Shanghai, Charlotte discusses lack of representation and the promotion of a single body type. It’s that time of the year again. The Victoria’s Secret fashion show is gracing our television screens once more. It’s safe to say the fashion show … Read More

ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: How to look like a Victoria’s Secret Model!

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As the months begin to get colder, the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is one we all look forward to watching, and we all hope and dream of looking like the angels one day. Well, this year we can, as they’ve collaborated with Max Factor who will be creating the make … Read More

The Angels have landed

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Spreading its lacy wings over across our nation’s capital for the very first time, the latest Victoria’s Secret fashion show once more didn’t fail to impress. What began as simple promotional tool has come to be one of the industry’s most high profile events where some of the most innovative, … Read More

Fashion I Top of the Shops- Trinity Leeds

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Recently opening in Spring following a whole load of hype, our new shopping centre has certainly lived up to expectations – now supplying us with three floors and an extra 1 million square feet of retail therapy. In Trinity, our high street faves have become bigger and better with a … Read More

LS Fashion takes a tour of Trinity Leeds

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Trinity- the major shopping centre that’s been brewing behind the back of M&S for years, set for its big unveil on March 21st!