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Player 2 has entered the game…

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The endless small talk. “What year are you?” “What subject do you do?” “Uni of…?” … Friendship cannot be built on small talk. It must be built upon the pillars of drunken toast, horribly-informed political debates and the fact that you beat them 10-4 on FIFA when you were Accrington … Read More

ME!ME!ME!: The Coraline for Anime Fans

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It’s hard to introduce people to ME!ME!ME!. How do you even begin to describe it without sounding like an utter pervert, bearing in mind it chiefly depicts the mesmerising physics of breasts and the gyrating female body? To start, let me explain that ME!ME!ME! is a song by TeddyLoid, but … Read More

The Gryphon presents: LRFS 2015 video highlights

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Missed LRFS 2015? Fear not. Lucie England-Duce went behind the scenes, mingled with the VIPs and got up close and personal with the models: Lucie England-Duce

Music | Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's raunchy ride in Bound 2 music video

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Kanye West has premiered his new music video for his single ‘Bound 2’ on The Ellen Show today. The video, co-directed with Nick Knight and set against the backdrop of the Grand Canyon, either depicts Kim and Kanye’s strenuous journey along a road filled with extensive potholes, or a soft-core porno. … Read More

News | Scrotum stapled in FIFA forfeit

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A student has stapled his testicles in a bet with friends over a game of FIFA. Nathan Bell, 20, suffered his fate after losing the Xbox match against his friend Saber Da Silva. The punishment was a result of ‘Fifa Forfeits Sunday’, an event in his halls of residence. Mr … Read More