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The Gryphon asks: should Commons Speaker John Bercow have objected to Trump speaking in parliament?

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Yes – Aiden Alexander Wynn At the beginning of last week, John Bercow did something courageous and, frankly, necessary, in stating his opposition to Trump and his upcoming state visit. Some may argue that this act was more of an attack on British democracy than on Trump; it is true … Read More

Trump’s first military raid failed to ‘make America great again’

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When your campaign slogan is “Make America Great Again,” the standard for all future decisions is set. In President Donald Trump’s first counterterrorism operation in Yemen, the result was hardly “great.” The objective of the mission was relatively straight-forwarded. In the early morning of Sunday, Jan. 29, members of Seal … Read More

We should be pushing for mental health support for our personal tutors

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University is a tumultuous time; for many it may be the first time away from home, their first time studying in such a different environment and a whole set of expectations that they feel powerless to fulfil. It’s brilliant that in recent years society has begun to view the issue … Read More

Trump is just a puppet, Bannon is the puppeteer

2 years ago / 55 comments

Who is Steve Bannon? Bannon isn’t a household name for the average Brit but he should be because Bannon is perhaps one of the most powerful men in the world. Bannon is the former editor of the alt-right ‘news’ site Breitbart News and now the White House’s Chief Strategist in … Read More

Rising insulin prices and the election of Trump: a fatal combination

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It is no secret that America has long been dominated by capitalist ideals; ideals which have infiltrated further and further into the healthcare system in recent years. This presence of capitalism in the American healthcare system is set to be further facilitated by the presidency of Trump; combined with the … Read More

A love letter to Iran

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This was going to be a piece about renewed tensions between Iran and America. It was going to discuss what President Rouhani has tried to achieve and why, Iran’s parallel state structures, their political and economic aspirations, possible repercussions for US manufacturing, and how for three decades conservative America has … Read More

The end of satire? It’s no laughing matter!

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Satire has long been our only salvation from the meaningless jargon and constant u-turns of electoral politics. It’s easy to criticise politicians’ often unfathomable actions but it’s even easier to laugh at David Cameron drawn with a condom for a head. Haha! A condom! The passive activism of the masses, … Read More

The (in)efficacy of the prison system

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When events such as the rebellion of prison inmates at the Vaughn Correctional Center in Delaware occur, they necessitate a sense of reflection upon the state of our institutions, especially those which are globally in such dire need. The demands of the rebel prisoners should, I think, shock us at … Read More

The Gryphon asks: should Milo Yiannopolous have been allowed to speak at UC Berkeley?

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Yes – Sophie Wheeler Controversial figure Milo Yiannopoulos, set to give a speech at U. C Berkeley on cultural appropriation, was silenced by rioters last Wednesday in the name of ‘tolerance.’ Rioters threw smoke bombs, started fires and smashed windows protesting against the speaker’s alternative views. Only one person was … Read More

LUU LEADERSHIP RACE: The Gryphon has to diversify

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James is running to be Gryphon Editor, here are his views on how the paper can improve. It may only seem like a small change, a minor detail barely worth shouting about, but the introduction of regular surveys and outreach initiatives conducted by The Gryphon is a vital policy. The … Read More