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Vigil for lives lost to trans hate

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Students gather to commemorate those killed as a result of transphobic violence and hate. On Monday evening, a group of people (many drenched, some holding lanterns) filled the foyer of the University’s Union to take part in a minute’s silence to remember all of the trans people who have died … Read More

Duke University aims to ‘deconstruct toxic masculinity’

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While most universities are preparing for a perfect welcome for freshers, the Women’s Centre at The Duke University of Durham, North Carolina has come up with a rather interesting campaign. The Men’s Project is a nine week seminar which mainly focuses at ‘Unlearning Violence.’ The program strives to achieve two … Read More

Video Games – increased aggression or a healthy pass time?

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Rock n’ Roll, Television and Social media. In the days when these developments first came about it was thought they would negatively impact society and create anti-social cynics out of younger generations. This led to headlines suggesting that these forms of media were responsible for all the world’s problems and … Read More

An important comment on public perceptions: The Rise of Female Violence

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I approached the BBC3 documentary ‘The Rise of Female Violence’ with curiosity, not really knowing what to expect. Alys Harte presents the programme and speaks to victims of domestic abuse committed by women, perpetrators of violent acts, bouncers outside nightclubs and members of all-female gangs who take part in organised … Read More

Film | Starred Up – Jack O'Connell is a rising star

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Image: Sigma Films, Film 4 In my opinion, the vision of Film4 films and the situations they portray are like an actor’s version of a live musical performance: risky, personal, and if done well make for a flowing natural performance, as they throw themselves into the unknown of up close … Read More

News | Thugs tell student: "we will kill you" in Burley attack

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A student has been brutally attacked by a pair of “sadistic” thugs who drove a pair of scissors through his hand. The attack, which happened near Burley Park station, saw the attackers jump on the scissors, forcing them through the victim’s hand, before threatening to cut off his ear and … Read More

News | Nightclub bouncers attack student

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A Leeds student has accused bouncers at a York night club of an assault which left him with a head wound. The ordeal took place outside of The Lowther bar in York in the early hours of Saturday morning. English student Olly Goodall had been drinking in the bar with … Read More

News | Stabbed nurse costume causes controversy

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A Leeds fancy dress shop has drawn criticism for its window display featuring a mannequin dressed as a stabbed nurse. The Amazing Party Company on Albion Street in Leeds City Centre exhibited the mannequin along with a sign stating “Dead Sexy” as part of its Halloween display.  The costume drew … Read More