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Jeremy Corbyn attracts colossal crowd in Leeds

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This afternoon, Jeremy Corbyn spoke to a huge crowd in Leeds outside Brudenell Social Club. Despite the rain and very short notice, thousands of spectators turned up to see him speak, with some even climbing in trees to get a better view. He was originally scheduled to speak inside Brudenell Social … Read More

Students, your country needs you!

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With the announcement of the Snap Election that is going to take place on June 8th later this year, speculation is already occurring over whom 18-24 year olds will vote for. AKA, who will the student population of the country vote for – being that they are now the most … Read More

Clinton vs Trump: LSR host press conference ahead of US elections

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Leeds Student Radio held a press conference in Old Bar this evening ahead of the US elections.  With Old Bar filling up already, members of LSR talked to the press about the US elections, giving their thoughts and opinions about the upcoming results. Members of the panel represented both the … Read More

The Big Picture: Syria Vote

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What happened? The UK has extended airstrikes to Syria after the House of Commons passed a government motion authorising action against Islamic State in Syria by 397 to 223. It was a comfortable win for Cameron, with 66 Labour MPs supporting the motion and helping the government to a majority … Read More

How we're all about to lose our voice

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If we don’t act by the 20th November, loads of students are about to go missing and the weird thing is that no one is talking about it. Loads of us are about to go missing off the electoral register as Individual Electoral Registration begins, and with that, we’ll lose … Read More

‘I couldn’t vote’: Council accused of polling errors

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Students have spoken of their frustration at being denied the right to vote after it is alleged Leeds City Council made a string of errors on election day. Several students have told The Gryphon they had trouble casting their vote on 7th May, with some unable to vote altogether. One undergraduate was … Read More

68% of Leeds University staff ‘likely to vote Labour’

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An election survey by Times Higher Education (THE) has revealed that almost 3/4 of staff at the University will vote for the Labour party this Thursday. The survey, which was released online gained 1,019 responses from higher education staff across ten UK universities. The data showed that 46 per cent of … Read More

‘You don’t listen to us’: Leeds students ask #whyvote?

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Young voters have claimed they feel let down or ignored by the political system in a TV debate in Leeds last night. Students grilled politicians from five political parties in a programme broadcast live by Channel 4 from the Corn Exchange. Audience members argued that young people feel disillusioned with … Read More

A Fairer LUU: Campus votes ‘yes’

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Students have voted to give more coverage to The Gryphon’s editorial candidates after a campus referendum this week. A majority 1,232 ‘yes’ votes means that students running to become Editor-in-Chief will be entitled to equal coverage with Exec candidates in the Leadership Race. Over 1,500 votes were cast in the … Read More

Leadership Race results announced

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The Leadership Race has drawn to a close with the announcement of the new Gryphon Editor and Student Exec. Results from the four-day election were announced to a packed Union foyer on Friday evening. A total 8,488 students voted in the Leadership Race this year to elect seven candidates who … Read More