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Students, your country needs you!

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With the announcement of the Snap Election that is going to take place on June 8th later this year, speculation is already occurring over whom 18-24 year olds will vote for. AKA, who will the student population of the country vote for – being that they are now the most … Read More

Pints against policy?

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Union offers free pint in return for votes, contradicting assertion it “will never serve an alcoholic drink for less than £1.50”. Leeds University Union’s stance on alcohol has been called into question after they introduced free pints as part of a set of incentives to encourage people to vote in … Read More

Leadership Race turnout decreases

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This year’s elections saw fewer students voting than last year. A total of 6561 voted in this year’s Leadership Race, a decrease from last year’s turnout of 7744. Students have been voting since Monday to elect their new Student Exec and Gryphon editor, with LUU bringing in incentivisation on the … Read More

ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: anti-establishment voting

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Shortly after the Brexit result came out my friends and I decided to go and drown our sorrows at the nearest bar, however for one of us this was a celebration as he had voted out. When asked upon his reasoning for his vote he replied “because fuck Cameron”. He … Read More

The decision has already been made: Psychology of voting

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You walk into the voting booth and before you are your choices. You’ve weighed the facts, considered each candidate for their merits yet you remain uncertain about your choice. For some unknown reason you drift towards one candidate over the other. You can’t put your finger on exactly why, but … Read More

Slim pickings for moderate voters

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After three years studying politics, it has occurred to me that the more I learn, the less I know. My political beliefs have, particularly at university, been thrown up in the air and I now lounge in an ideological black hole. There are only two principles left of which I … Read More

Vote Swap is a good way for us to play the system

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In an ideal world, we’d like to put forward a vote for the party that we’d like to see win the election. In an ideal world, our vote would always count. Unfortunately, we live in a world of the First Past the Post system, and neither of those two options … Read More

Vote and show the politicians you’re a vote worth winning

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Recently in my student accommodation, voting registration forms have been sent to each student. Not only did many bin them, but when I asked my friends why they weren’t voting, they replied along the lines of ‘what is the point?’ But in a political system in which the overarching decisions … Read More

News | Leadership Race Results are in

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The new LS Editor and Exec have been voted in, receiving a collective total of 10, 250 votes. The first result of the night saw Jasmine Andersson pip Max Bruges to the post for the role of LS Editor. Gemma Turner beat Freya Potter for Equality and Diversity, with Noha … Read More

Debate | Barred from voting

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This month, Peter Chester and George McGeoch, two prisoners who are both serving life sentences, appealed to the UK Supreme Court in an attempt to gain the right to democratically vote. The UK Supreme Court rejected the appeal upholding the UK’s blanket ban on prisoner voting. The European Court of … Read More