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Northerner or Southerner … where’s the border?

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Roll up roll up freshers! From the title of my article you can probably guess that I am about to try and divulge into the almost taboo concerning the North versus the South. What a load of rubbish it is too! But blimey, it has caused arguments, separated families and … Read More

Hyde Park regular Bernard ‘Brian’ Davey death confirmed

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It has been confirmed that Bernard Davey, a homeless man and familiar face to many in Hyde Park, has passed away.  Many knew him as Brian, an elderly man who was often in his wheelchair outside the 24 hour Sainsbury’s on Brudenell Road in Hyde Park. He was often singing outside Sainsbury’s … Read More

Hum for Harambe: Candlelight vigil held for late gorilla

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A vigil held for a gorilla? You bet. But Harambe is more than an animal. He’s a meme…  “Harambe was sadly taken from us, but his heart still stays in all of us.” So runs the description of the Facebook event that attracted the interest of upwards of two thousand … Read More