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Middle-Class Drug Use: Violent Crime or Stigmatisation?

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Home Secretary Sajid Javid is responding to a rise in violent crime on the streets of London by attempting to tackle middle-class drug use. He’s launched a major review of the issue that will focus on use amongst professionals. These statements haven’t been formed into any specific legislation yet. Authorities … Read More

The Forgotten Victims of the “War on Drugs”

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D-Day is upon us and the Government is failing to win its war on drugs. As with wars fought in the psychical sense, the war on drugs is a sad tale of death and defeat. Promoting the false reality that the prohibition of drugs is working, the Government contends that its … Read More

Green Man sets festival season alight

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Green Man: part festival, part hippie commune, part a mystical glimpse into a utopian festival future. With spectacular performances by the likes of Fleet Foxes, an epic final closing set from War on Drugs and the perfectly mesmerising hippie celebration of the burning of the giant green man installation placed … Read More

Why Green Man has Sold Out this Year

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With Green Man Festival less than two months away, we take a look at all the things to get excited about this party in the mountains. With so much going on, Green Man really is more than just about the music. They had a pre-fest party on a boat Green … Read More