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Comment | British war crimes – we will not forget

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As red poppies began to dot lapels in the lead up to Remembrance Day, I started to feel uneasy. The politicisation of the red poppy has become ever more pronounced as the original sentiments of the campaign are diluted and distorted by those with an agenda. By no means do I believe … Read More

The Zero Hour

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3/5 Stars UK Theatre Company Imitating the Dog explore a fusion of live action, recorded footage and animation in their perplexing piece The Zero Hour.  Blending cinematic qualities with live theatre, The Zero Hour explores the different accounts of three couples in the final moments of WW2 Berlin. Through these different versions of the same ‘moment’ the characters lives … Read More

LS1 Interviews: foodie and former war writer, Bruce Palling

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Currently a prolific food and wine blogger and a columnist for the Wall St Journal, Bruce Palling doesn’t think it is a contradiction that he started his career writing about wars and conflicts. A failed student facing jail for refusing to fight in Vietnam, aged 21, he made his first … Read More

Red, white and controversial: the Remembrance Day poppy

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For many people throughout the Commonwealth, the most striking image of Remembrance Day is undoubtedly the red poppy, and they will therefore mark the occasion by the simple but profound act of wearing one in public. But this is not without its fair share of controversy…


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Recently David Cameron announced that the Government would provide a £5 million budget to the education system to give all secondary school children a chance to visit Flanders and experience the history of the World War One. He also announced a £50 million commemoration that would ‘transform’ the imperial war … Read More