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Plastic Panic! How does synthetic waste affect the oceans?

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“There is no away – because plastic is so permanent and so indestructible. When you cast it into the ocean, there is no away” Sir David Attenborough Plastics are almost in everything that we touch in our day to day lives. From our breakfast juice packaging to our cars, the … Read More

Free Community Shop for refugees to open in Hyde Park

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LUU’s Leave Leeds Tidy campaigners are working alongside the Leeds Community Project to provide free essential items to those in need this summer. Students are being encouraged to donate unwanted items to the Free Community Shop which will open on the 3rd and 6th of July at All Hallows Church. The … Read More

Campus Watch: Bristol University develops new technology to make nuclear waste useful

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How do you deal with nuclear waste? Turn it into a diamond battery of course! A team of physicists and chemists at the University of Bristol have developed new technology that harnesses nuclear waste to generate electricity. They have created a man-made diamond which, when placed in a radioactive field, … Read More

Freshers’ Week ‘a waste of time and money’

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Private school head teachers from around the country have called for universities to start lectures sooner and have branded Freshers’ Week potentially “isolating and expensive”. William Richardson, general secretary of the annual Headmasters’ and Headmistresses’ Conference, stated that informal conversations with undergraduate students had suggested that many would prefer to … Read More

Photojournal | The Real Junk Food Project – waste, poverty and revolution

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The Real Junk Food Café is situated in Armley, a short bus ride south west from Leeds City Centre. Entering the town, it is easy to lose count of how many factory buildings had been abandoned, bordered up and draped in rows of barbed wire. The town is like many … Read More

News | Students rubbish at recycling

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Student areas are still causing a problem according to the Council despite recycling rates in Leeds hitting record highs. Leeds residents produced 7,000 tonnes less waste than they did the previous year but Councillor Mark Dobson, Executive Board Member for the environment, said “traditional methods of recycling are not working … Read More

News | Bin men refuse to collect rubbish

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Students have expressed their outrage after the Council allowed their bins to go uncollected for three weeks. The residents of a house on Richmond Ave, located between Headingley and Hyde Park, have complained to the Council who responded saying they could not collect refuse from the house “due to high … Read More