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The Beast From The East – Sending The Economy Into A Blizzard?

8 months ago / 0 comments

Inconvenienced by it or not, last week’s snowstorm across the UK was every British person’s dream. The snow was a solid topic for small talk whilst waiting around for seminars to start, and it provided an extra excuse to miss any classes that weren’t affected by the strikes. It was … Read More

Britain can’t handle the cold

9 months ago / 0 comments

This week, immovable object meets irresistible force in what’s sure to be the meteorological event of the millennium. There’s no undercard required to get our pulses racing for this one. Finally, The Beast from the East tussles it out with – the more modestly named – Storm Emma. But who … Read More

How do hurricanes form?

4 years ago / 0 comments

Last Friday Bermuda had to face winds with speeds up to 110mph when hurricane Gonzalo hit its shores. The remnants of the hurricane reached Ireland  on Monday night and will clear its way through the East coast of Great Britain at speeds of 70 mph right  through to tonight (Wednesday). … Read More

Final Year Performance | Subtext and Rain – a multi-sensory puzzle

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5/5 Stars What is it with Brits and talking about the weather? More importantly, what is it with Brits and not talking about what they really want to talk about? This is the dual question behind the School of Performance and Cultural Industries third year performance piece, Subtext and Rain, … Read More

News | Otley Road closed after gale force winds wreak havoc

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Otley Road remained closed this morning between North Grange Road and Victoria Road after gale force winds caused damage and disruption across the city last night. A fallen tree at Headingley Lane reportedly damaged a car, breaking through a wall, leading to the road closure. The storm has also brought … Read More

News | Gale-force winds cause damage on campus

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Students in Leeds may have been feeling under the weather today as gale-force winds caused mass disruption in many areas of the city. At midday winds reached 30 mph, while at their maximum strength gusts reached up to 80mph. Campus felt the full force of the weather, with the front … Read More

Snow start to new semester

6 years ago / 0 comments

Students have been left with even more time on their hands than usual after scores of lectures were cancelled due to the snow. Two days of heavy snowfall in and around Leeds forced the University to set up a ‘snow-feed’ on Twitter to notify students that their classes were no … Read More

Cold Facts

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The onset of the cold November weather has to a perpetual concern for all students a- plenty that we actually might catch hyperthermia. With our student pact of not putting the heating on to save money for alcohol, the lack of clothing worn in order to look ‘fresh’, and our … Read More