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University of Leeds Launches StandAlone Pledge for Estranged Students

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This month the University of Leeds will launch its ‘StandAlone pledge’, part of a nation-wide scheme to help estranged students studying without the support or approval of a family network. StandAlone estimates that there are around 70 estranged students currently studying here. The pledge aims to focus on ‘finance, accommodation, … Read More

LUU Societies Coming Up Trumps

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With over 300 societies, Leeds University Union caters to every need. Whether you want to find a new hobby, get involved in your subject, connect with your cultural or religious group, or even raise money, Freshers’ Week is the perfect time to find a society with a place for you. … Read More

Campus Watch

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Cambridge: Stormzy Launches a New Scholarship for Black Students On A-Level results day the rapper announced that he will pay the tuition fees for two black students to complete undergraduate degrees at the University of Cambridge. The scholarship is in response to Cambridge failing to admit any black pupils from … Read More

Ex-Exec Embroiled in Transgender Rights Row

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Online forum Mumsnet has reported itself to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), the UK data regulator, following an intern publishing the IP addresses of website users in a dispute over transgender rights. The intern in question, Emma Healey, served as LUU Equality and Diversity Officer and a trustee of the … Read More

EXCLUSIVE: Union’s Inept Approach to Costing Mars Election Results

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Through joint research by The Gryphon and LSR, it has become clear that the union has failed to uphold their own rules in the recent Exec elections. In our role in holding the union to account, we have come across clear failings in the rules that dictate candidate spending. Firstly, … Read More

Society Spotlight: LUU Water Aid

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When it comes to speaking about the importance of access to clean, safe water, the issue seems so far away that it is often dismissed. Here in the UK, most of us take for granted the access to things like taps and toilets but for many, just finding a glass … Read More

Exec-tly What We Need

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The Student Exec are elected every year to represent your views and improve your student experience Jack Palmer – Union Affairs What is your role? My role is to chair our Board of Trustees and ensure that our money is being well spent in our building and services. I also work … Read More

Student Advice’s Space to Relax: perfect for exam time

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The Student Advice Centre’s Space to Relax is returning to provide you with a wellbeing hub during the often stressful and challenging exam period. We want support you to study and support you to look after yourself, therefore our space is divided into the Space to Relax in Room 5 … Read More

Welfare at Leeds: tackling hate crime

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How can you, as a student, stand up against hate speech on campus? Health and Wellbeing intern Martha gives you some advice on how to safely stand up for yourself and for your fellow students. This week our Exec Officers published a statement concerning the recent political turbulence of Donald … Read More


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Masami is running for Welfare Officer, here are their views on improving awareness and accessibility to LUU’s welfare support. A crisis is something that can affect all of us, regardless of who we are, and is often a challenging addition to university life. However, many students fail to make use of the welfare … Read More