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LUU Light Cafe: helping you through exams

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From free drinks to yoga, LUU is here to support you through your exams. After the Christmas break students are coming back to Leeds to face the January exams. For some the weeks of fresh laundry, clean dishes and cooked dinner back home has come to an end and the … Read More

Welfare at Leeds: How to beat winter SADness

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Health and Wellbeing Intern Martha discusses the problems that the winter months can bring, and who you can turn to get advice. The winter months can present us with pressures that impact on how well you feel able to cope with personal, academic and financial pressures. This is especially true … Read More

Welfare at Leeds: don’t bottle it up

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It’s time to talk about mental health. From a very young age we’re taught that if you fall and graze your knee you clean it and put on a plaster, that if you’ve got the flu you stay in bed and drink fluids, if you break your leg you go … Read More

Welfare at Leeds: Black Mental Health

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The first in our series on welfare and advice at Leeds, this week your Activities Exec, Taiwo, takes a look back at LUU’s Black Mental Health event that was held in Pyramid on the 10th October. The 10th October was World Mental Health Day. It is a day for awareness … Read More

Meet your new student exec

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Jack Palmer Union Affairs Which of your initiatives are you most excited about? Student engagement – that’s what I ran on and it’s still what I’m most excited about. I think when I ran, only 46% of students knew what the forums were and that’s not good enough. I want … Read More

Union: ‘Take control back’ over sexual assault

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The Union has encouraged students to think about their safety in light of recent sexual assaults in Leeds. In a blog post, Welfare Officer Freya Govus told students to ‘take control back’ by taking personal safety measures when going out in the city. She explained, ‘If you’re out and about … Read More

News | Rising thefts in Essentials

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Thefts from Essentials have doubled over the last three years. Since the 2009/2010 academic year, thefts have increased by 100 percent among student offenders and increased eight fold among non-student offenders. An Essentials staff member, who preferred to remain anonymous, said: “A lot of theft among young people is done … Read More

Features | Let's talk about mental health

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Last week Leeds University Union agreed to a ‘Time to Talk’ pledge. Sam Dennis and Lawrence Thompson from the Mind Matters society talk to LS about what’s next for mental health and their battle against discrimination. When I was younger, I remember finding it very difficult to talk about my … Read More

News | LS holds the Exec to account

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LS questions the Exec on what they have and haven’t achieved this year. Alice Smart Education Officer Do you think lecture podcasts affects attendance?  There was the odd lecturer making these claims. They’re there because everyone learns in different ways, and not everyone learns best reading through lecture notes, it … Read More

Comment | No 'benefit' to anyone

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You might have noticed that critics and fans have been raving in equal measure about Channel 4’s recent series, Benefits Street. Whether you tuned in to watch or recoiled at the premise of the program, it certainly got people talking. Benefits Street was wrong on so many levels: from peddling … Read More