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Private Peaceful is a deeply moving portrayal of a young boy’s transition during the war

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Acclaimed children’s author Michael Morpurgo’s book-turn-play ‘Private Peaceful’ is an arresting, deeply moving performance that charters one soldier’s last hours before his execution by firing squad. Accused of desertion, Peaceful is sentenced to death and we follow him on a journey through the past. At turns joyful and blissfully optimistic, … Read More

Theatre | My Perfect Mind – a beautifully told story that switches between depricating self-portrait and a frail, heartwrenching King Lear

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Images: Manuel Harlan In 2007, classically trained actor Edward Petherbridge suffered two strokes while preparing to play King Lear in New Zealand. The attacks left him partially paralysed, and put the role of a lifetime out of the question. Yet, remarkably, Petherbridge could still remember every single one of Lear’s … Read More

Features | DIY – Make your own theatre company

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Bethany Taylor talks about starting a theatre company at the age of 18. Called Cognito Theatre, the company was created with the intention of using performance to tackle and discuss current issues. Their first project was performed at Leeds last year and focused on mental health stigma. Their current project … Read More

Theatre | Spring Awakening – the infamous play gets an evocative modern update

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Image: West Yorkshire Playhouse The West Yorkshire Playhouse’s adaptation of Spring Awakening, first performed in 1906, is not for the fainthearted. The line “when I first came, I became an atheist” does not even begin to cover the coarse crudity of the production in its exploration of teenage angst. Following … Read More

Theatre | Of Mice and Men – the American masterpiece comes to the WYP

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Image: West Yorkshire Playhouse With a jarringly off-key wail, Heather Christian ushered in the Mark Rosenblatt era at the West Yorkshire Playhouse, on a night when the American dream flickered and then died an undignified death before the jam-packed auditorium’s eyes. Rosenblatt is the The Playhouse’s new associate director, and … Read More

Interview | Ekow Quartey – Spring Awakening Star

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An exciting and contemporary version of Wedekind’s Spring Awakening is bursting onto stage at the West Yorkshire Playhouse next month. Provocative and unnerving, the play depicts the confusion and intensity of teenage life today. The play asks us questions about youth and the future that we can all relate to. … Read More

Theatre | Brand New Ancients – fierce and electric spoken word

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Image: Kate Tempest Kate Tempest’s spoken word epic takes its audience on an intense journey, exploring the influence that love, hatred and regret play in creating modern day heroes, villains and victims. Intricately designed lighting and music (composed by Nell Catchpole and consisting of percussion, tuba, cello, violin and electronics) … Read More

Theatre | Refugee Boy – a seamless production

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Image: West Yorkshire Playhouse At the level of individuals, politics can be a prison. It binds ethnicities to boundaries, families to states and its victims are those who remain caught between its narrowly and neatly defined borders. Lemn Sissay’s portrayal of the harrowing conditions facing a young refugee as he … Read More

Theatre | Paper Birds – Leeds graduates explore what it means to be a woman

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photo: Paper Birds Leeds University graduates, The Paper Birds, celebrate their tenth anniversary as a theatre company by exploring the passage of time in the lives of different women, in their production of On the One Hand. By extensively researching women of all ages across the North of England, the … Read More

Theatre | 1984 – Great production, but only for book readers

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photo: West Yorkshire Playhouse Big Brother. Room 101. The images and concepts established by George Orwell in his dystopian novel, 1984, have entered popular culture and become so incorporated into our everyday lives that it’s easy to forget their origins. No wonder, considering that 1984 is supposedly the book that … Read More