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Whitney @ Mama Roux’s, 21/06/17

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Packing out the suitably beautiful New Orleans style venue Mama Roux’s, Whitney take to the stage on one of the hottest days of the year. ‘We used to do this shirtless’, leader singer/drummer Julien Ehrlich teases us. ‘But we’ve had too many sushi rolls since then.’ Opening with ‘Dave’s Song’, … Read More

Gryph Picks: The March Massive

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This month, Robbie admits his love for James Blunt and thus gets fired as Music Editor, Juliette dreams that she and Jemima get locked in a club with the Pied Piper listening to trip-hop jazz music, Sam writes us a poem/has a mental breakdown, and Jemima has an all round lovely … Read More

Single review: You’ve Got a Woman by Whitney

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Chicago babes Whitney are back after almost a year after the release of their stunning debut album ‘Light Upon the Lake’, releasing a new single ahead of the band’s upcoming world tour. The new single, which is to be released on vinyl, features covers of Lion’s ‘You’ve Got a Woman’ and … Read More

Six songs performed live that will leave you emotionally broken

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There’s something special that happens sometimes when artists perform their songs live. Sometimes, just sometimes, artists are able to connect with a song in a greater emotional capacity than ever thought possible when listening to the songs in their recorded form. The songs become magnified by the enchantment and intensity … Read More

"The Fab Four”: meet your music editors

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So you know all about the music section. There’s music. There’s tunes. There’s top bants. But want to know a lil’ more about the faces behind the action? Well then, look no further than our Meet the Editors Guide to find out what it is that we are listening to … Read More

Festival Review: Leeds Festival, 26-28/08/16

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As the Monday morning sun rose across the fields of Bramham park, illuminating the skeletons of abandoned tents and burnt-out fires, the scene looked more like a battlefield than the aftermath of Leeds Fest 2016. The post festival blues that wormed its way through the dreary eyed crowds trudging to … Read More