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Are the university’s Arts and Humanities courses still stuck in the past?

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Coming to university, you are told that you will be moving away from the spoon-fed nature of a school curriculum to one that encourages critical thinking and expands your knowledge even further. However, broadening your academic horizons proves not to be so easy if you happen to study a course … Read More

In Conversation with Caryl Phillips: ‘It’s not the first asshole that America has elected as president, but it’s definitely the biggest one’

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When I first met Caryl Phillips, it was at an event for the David Oluwale Memorial Association in February 2016 hosted by the School of English. The writer, as he has constantly since moving there in the nineties, flew from America for the occasion. America then was a seemingly different … Read More

University of Leeds considering introducing module on Black British History

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The University of Leeds is considering developing a Black British History module, believed to be the first of its kind at a Russell Group university in the United Kingdom. If the module does go ahead, it could be available to students in the School of History within the next few academic years. Students … Read More