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Blue Planet II: Coral Reefs

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Being elevated to the status of national treasure I am sure has many benefits. You can avoid taxes like there’s no tomorrow and basically get away with murder. David Attenborough has reached this pinnacle.  If he was exposed as the source of most greenhouse gasses we’d all shrug and put … Read More

The Safari Diaries: Day 1

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Ever since I was little, I have been fascinated by wildlife. When I was eight my mom bought a collection of National Geographic documentaries, each film focussed on a different animal, and I spent all summer watching and re-watching the movies. I think that was when I decided I needed … Read More

Where the Wild Things Are

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George Crompton discusses where to find examples of wilderness in Britain, despite all the challenges it faces. In these times of conformist despair I often find myself witless and with nowhere to turn but the endless monotony of city-living; walking the perilous plank of narrow pavements, with traffic lights permanently … Read More

David Attenborough brings us the thrill of The Hunt

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The Hunt is a brand new BBC One natural history series, produced by the team behind Planet Earth and Africa, that looks at the relationship between predators and prey. Narrated by David Attenborough, the first episode foreshadowed that this series will be just as remarkable as the team’s previous endeavours. … Read More

Photography | Doug Allan – Attenborough's Man Behind the Camera

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Photo: Doug Allan Doug Allan is stood on stage wearing a shark t-shirt and welcoming the audience to the final date on his tour. He has filmed in the most far flung corners of the earth and seen some of the rarest sights known to man. But here he is, … Read More