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Stand: poetry in plain sight

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Little known to many students, Leeds University is home to Stand Magazine, a prestigious publication on the worldwide literary scene for over half a century. Every day students come and go, completely unaware that somewhere on campus there’s something very special indeed. Tucked away amidst the quiet comings and goings … Read More

Let’s drink some more Gin, shall we?

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There comes a time, as editors, when we must compel ourselves to ‘take one for the team’. With this moral responsibility in mind, Gryphon editors Charlie Green and Will Hoole were invited down to the Botanist, Leeds, where they were obliged to sample the second best gin in the world. … Read More

Review: Silence – three hours of watching Scorsese’s ego

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Like a Penguin book or a Penguin chocolate bar, it seems all we need is a brand nowadays. This anxiety, that we must invest only in what we know, is wheedling its way ever-deeper into the arts, the old proven franchises (Star Wars, Harry Potter, Marvel, etc.) returning again and … Read More

An interview with Mira Fadwa Fadel

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Mira Fadwa Fadel; computer scientist, innovator, educator, journalist, translator, and founder of Mira Intelligent Read. Based on Otley Road, Mira Publishing is a non-for-profit independent publisher of fiction and non-fiction. Meeting Mira in her office, we recieved the insider’s perspective on life as an independent publisher in Leeds. To start … Read More

The Odyssey of The Yorkshire Dales

2 years ago / 2 comments

CAMPING. At its best, an edifying rendezvous between man and nature. At its worst, an excruciating week of bitter, sleepless nights and cabin fever. This summer, I camped with my family in the Yorkshire Dales, a stone’s throw from Leeds (provided you can throw a stone about twenty miles or so), … Read More

Review: The Bodyguard – Annoyingly enjoyable

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Bold and brilliant, The Bodyguard at Leeds Grand Theatre stars X Factor winner Alexandra Burke as superstar Rachel Marron, who falls in love with the bodyguard hired to protect her from a sinister stalker. Lawrence Kasdan’s screenplay has been met with critical acclaim, and its energetic blend of uplifting songs alongside … Read More

Review: Hardcore Henry – Offensively bad

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There’s nothing I enjoy more than a director experimenting with new techniques to better convey their artistic vision. Shot entirely from a first-person perspective, Hardcore Henry makes its unique selling point clear from the start. Unfortunately, it never really amounts to much more than a gimmick. The plot reluctantly follows … Read More

Suffering in life: If everything is wonderful, nothing is

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Over the holidays a nice old couple were going door to door, promoting their religion, but I found the way they went about it quite odd. My parents were out, so I struggled off the sofa to get the door, and no sooner had I done so, the wily looking … Read More

Comment: Why Are All Christmas Films Rubbish?

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Is it just me, or are all Christmas films complete rubbish? Okay, so it probably is just me, but nevertheless I’ll bah humbug my way through this. Let me ask you a question: what do you say when someone asks your favourite Christmas film? Love Actually perhaps? Home Alone maybe? … Read More

Review: Spectre – Exotic, sexy, stylish

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The success of 2012’s Skyfall hung heavily over all our expectations. With virtually unanimous applause, it redefined a ‘tough act to follow’. I therefore admit that I was sceptical – could director Sam Mendes really return to make a sequel worthy of its predecessor? In Spectre, Bond is back, and … Read More