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Alice Roberts: Significant Species & Sexism in Science

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Alice Roberts is a renowned scientist, TV presenter and author, with special expertise in the fields of anatomy, osteoarchaeology, physical anthropology and palaeopathology. Science Editor, Leo Kindred, got the chance to meet her, and to traverse her many fields of interest. Your new book, Tamed: 10 Species that Changed Our World, … Read More

Jane Goodall: A lifetime in Science

3 years ago / 0 comments

Those of you unfamiliar with biology may not have heard of Jane Goodall but she has definitely left her mark upon science. In 1945, when Jane was 11, she decided that she wanted to work with chimpanzees. If that happened today we wouldn’t think twice about it but at that … Read More

What it’s like to be a woman in Science

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Looking back on my education pre-university, I have always enjoyed studying science, even as a female. When I applied to university I had a difficult choice to make. Should I study a science such as Chemistry or choose a language based subject? In the end, I picked Linguistics, which is … Read More