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Female-led films outperform male in 2018

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2018 was a good year for films of all genres and cast compositions, but it is no secret that the majority of the films are still led by men. However, results from a study conducted by Shift7 and CAA show that movies with female leads have dominated box offices around … Read More

Just For Show: Lacklustre New Scheme Demonstrates the Government’s Disregard for Working Class Women

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Penny Mordaunt, the Minister for Women and Equalities, has unveiled a campaign to increase female working-class employment levels, focusing particularly on getting more women into well paid and high-skilled jobs. She said: “it will be our mission to ensure that every woman in the UK has as much freedom, choice, … Read More

Women Come In All Shapes And Sizes: The ASA Was Right To Ban Breast Enlargement Ads

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‘Love Island’: a guilty pleasure for most on a warm summer’s night. What you may have also been watching in the breaks was MYA’s breast enlargement TV adverts, which branded the surgery as the opportunity to feel ‘amazing’. Twenty-eight formal complaints later, the ASA has ruled the adverts ‘irresponsible and … Read More

The Glass Ceiling We’re Not Even Close to Breaking

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Sheryl Sandberg, the CEO of Facebook, graduated university in a pool of graduates with a roughly equal male-female ratio. Above her was a male-dominated hierarchy that she imagined would decline as she progressed up the career ladder thanks to the efforts against gender discrimination in the workplace made by the … Read More

University of Leeds Reports 22.5% Gender Pay Gap

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The University has released its Gender Pay Gap 2017 report, which sets out and explains the institution’s ‘gender pay gap’ data from the period 1 April 2016 to 31 March 2017, and how they are working to eliminate the gap.  ‘Gender pay gap’ refers to the average salary of all women employed … Read More

Gryph Picks: International Women’s Day 2018

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March 8th: the day the world celebrates all women, regardless of nationality, sexuality, political standing or faith. Women are recognised for their continued resilience and strength in the face of a society which even in 2018, is still by no means offering them equal opportunities or status to those granted … Read More

Fashion in the workplace

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Is it fair men have to suit up while women have more flexibility? When it comes to fashion, boundaries are being broken everyday. Gender neutral clothing has started popping up throughout some of our favourite shops, with skirts no longer being exclusively for women and trouser suits no longer exclusive … Read More

Repeal the 8th

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In late May 2018, the Republic of Ireland, still considered the most intransigent Catholic state in the world, will hold a referendum on repealing the 1983 eighth amendment of the Irish constitution. Currently, the eighth amendment outlaws abortion by giving the life of the foetus equal value to the mother’s, ... Read More

Anything but a luxury: periods, and why dignity should be free

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At no point during the pasta-filled weeks of my student budget do I think to myself “you know what, I cannot live without some caviar this week”. It’s a luxury. Period. Which is ironic, considering that my ‘time of the month’ is apparently also just that. A grandiose display of … Read More

Northern Ireland: Abortion Is a Medical Issue, Not a Criminal One

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Police should have better things to do than raiding offices for abortion pills https://t.co/hLA9WXnWus— eimear ✨ (@eimearod) March 19, 2017 When you think of Northern Ireland, what comes to mind? Is it beautiful scenery, the Titanic, maybe Game of Thrones? Or do you think of archaic, out-dated abortion laws? For ... Read More