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The road to equality starts here: women in Saudi Arabia can now drive

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On September 26th, the kingdom of Saudi Arabia lifted the ban on women driving. Women in Saudi can now legally drive for the first time since the Iranian revolution. This is as symbolically important as it is practical, for women are being trusted not only to drive, but also to … Read More

Breaking Boundaries in The Tech Industry

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After establishing a successful career in the digital sector, Amy De-Balsi took the leap and decided to start her own enterprise, Herd, which helps connect workers with digital and tech companies in Leeds. Here we talk to her about why she decided to stay in Leeds and her experience of … Read More

Launch of the ‘Women in Leadership Society’

2 years ago / 3 comments

On Monday a new Society was born; the “Women in Leadership Society”. Launched is more appropriate as the society members explained that this had been in the making for quite a lot longer than just a couple of weeks. And the work seems to have paid off. A little disclaimer: … Read More

Sustainable Sportswear that is Changing the World

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In need of some brighter sportswear to inspire a trip to The Edge? Want this sportswear to be sustainably made here in Yorkshire and to also fund women’s business education in India? We thought so. Bella Kinesis is a sustainable sportswear brand that through the Mann Deshi Foundation, helps to … Read More

Fashion Trumps Hate

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“Fashion should always be looked to in protest” Stood outside Trump Tower, on a street carpeted with placards and protest slogans, Rihanna stands in a LAPP jumper emblazoned with the words “This Pussy Grabs Back” worn underneath a layer of bright pink Molly Goddard tulle. An estimated 3.3 million men … Read More

Women’s only gym hour to launch at The Edge

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The proposal to hold a women’s only weekly gym session at The Edge was passed at the Better University forum and will allow many to exercise comfortably. This Sunday a women’s only weekly gym session will begin a three month trial at The Edge. The sessions aim to provide a … Read More

The women who shaped music and the music that shaped women

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January saw some extraordinary demonstrations of female power, with various women’s marches taking place across the globe. At a time when Donald Trump, a man who has shown little respect for women or our rights, has become ‘leader of the free world’, it’s important now more than ever to remember … Read More

Is Love All We need?

2 years ago / 0 comments

Jessie Jones looks at the current political climate, outlining ways in which we can remain hopeful in a time of uncertainty and upheaval. In his recent Thump article about my friends’ night Brudenell Groove, Tom Glencross described it as ‘nakedly political’. These two words resonated with me more than any … Read More

Where are all the women?

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It’s 2016, so how come women still aren’t being given the same amount of representation as men? Gender imbalance within academia is something that is often discussed, but then put to one side. Often, people choose to focus on the merit of professors, students or staff, regarding someone’s intelligence as … Read More

Trump’s loud mouth: the worst of the President Elect

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Now that Trump has been elected leader of the Free World surely the best thing to do is list the worst things he’s ever said, right? The Gryphon has you covered… On Mexico “I’ll build a great, great wall on our southern border and I will have Mexico pay for … Read More