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Women at the Cutting Edge

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Quite so. Incidentally, it was reported that in 2012 that 59% of successful medical student applicants in Leeds were female. Why is it then, that in a modern era full of ambitious and talented women, only 10% of UK consultant surgeons are female? The annual ‘Women in Surgery’ conference was … Read More

And the Nobel Prize goes to a man… again.

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The Nobel Prize is a prestigious award that has only been awarded to  just 46 women, in comparison to 814 men. Of these 46 women only 16 were awarded a Nobel Prize for science, the rest having been awarded the prize for peace, literature or for economic sciences.  This clearly shows … Read More

Destructing science’s glass ceiling: The article that shouldn’t have to exist

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A simple Google search for ‘women and science’ brings up a plethora of web sites aiming to encourage women in the subject. But weirdly, when I see this, I get an uneasy feeling. I am a woman in science, I should be glad these organisations exist. I start asking myself … Read More

Politics in pink: is Labour’s pink van really a cause for concern?

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In the run up to the General Election, a ‘magenta’ bus, manned by female Labour MPs, is currently touring the country and engaging with women on female-orientated political issues such as childcare, the gender pay-gap and domestic violence. There are some important questions to be asked. Firstly, why is the bus … Read More

Female Masturbation: It’s a touchy subject

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It’s a Friday night. You’re sitting around a table in someone’s kitchen, drinking vodka out of a Deloitte promo mug. To disguise the uncomfortable atmosphere, you play ‘Never Have I Ever.’ It gets to one of the women, and they proudly announce ‘Never have I ever…masturbated.’ Fear. Panic. You look … Read More

Ambivalent Annies and Fickle Fannies

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Scientists have now proved that women are the less decisive sex – I know it’s true ‘cos I read it in the Daily Mail. Any chance to reinforce an unqualified social stereotype and the Daily Mail Online whips out a megaphone. Just another bit of harmless chauvinism based on pseudo-science … Read More

Video Games | Player representation – an archaic affair

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Ask your anyone on the street to describe your typical video-gamer and you’ll see a picture begin to emerge. Socially awkward, Vitamin D deprived, neck-beard. White. Male. The only problem with that picture is that almost half of all gamers are now women – which, given that they make up … Read More

Comment | We need Internet activism

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Internet activism gets a bad rap, in general. It is accused of being impersonal, of allowing people to simply click ‘like’, and then stop caring. However, I think this is far too cynical a view. With the right attitude, the Internet can be an invaluable resource for educating yourself about … Read More

TV | The Honourable Woman – Nothing is what it seems in this exceptional spy thriller

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A tight close-up of a blade and the swish of metal on metal, but the camera pans out to show it’s only a wire bread basket and tongs. A waiter neatly lines the basket with a napkin and fills it with bread, laughing and joking with other staff in the … Read More

Interview | Dawn O'Porter – 'TV networks don't think women are as good as men.'

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You’d be mistaken for thinking that Dawn O’Porter is some kind of superhero. Journalist, reporter, performer, documentary maker and novelist are but a few of the titles she’s achieved in under a decade. Yet she sits in front of me now, very much a real person, trying to squeeze in … Read More