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In the Public Eye: Music in a Mental Health Crisis

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Following ‘World Mental Health Day’, Charlotte Bresh explores the daunting levels of mental health issues within the music industry and the ways in which the stresses of high-profile life may impact the wellbeing of artists. October 10th marked 2018’s ‘World Mental Health Day’, an annual event dedicated to raising awareness … Read More

World Mental Health Day 2018: NUS Report Suggests 78% of Students Experience Mental Health Problems

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Wednesday 10th October marked this year’s World Mental Health Day. This day, celebrated around the globe, aims to spread awareness and information about mental health, and reduce the stigma attached to those suffering. Following on from last year’s theme of mental health in the workplace, this year sees focus on … Read More

#WMHD15: Holding on to your dignity whilst enduring a mental illness

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It’s the lead-up to World Mental Health Day 2015, which is taking place this Saturday on the 10th October. Each year, the day itself and the week leading up to it will focus on a different theme surrounding mental health issues, in a bid to raise public awareness. This year … Read More