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Winifred Halliday: a centenary for a former Gryphon Editor

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The Gryphon takes a look at the student life and times of former Gryphon Editor, Winifred Halliday, who held this prestigious position during the First World War – a time when female students did not enjoy the same freedoms we have today. Female students have held their place at the … Read More

The BlackPoppyRose: Lest we forget…

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As Remembrance Day approaches, we are called to remember those who fought, and are still fighting, in British wars and zones of conflict. The Gryphon focuses on the ‘BlackPoppyRose’ project, launched to remember the often unheralded contributions of Black and African soldiers within global conflicts. The recognisable red poppy was established … Read More

To fight for peace is to struggle for socialism: thoughts on Remembrance Day

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For a while now, I’ve held a lot of reservations about the Poppy Appeal and have been dissatisfied with Remembrance Day. The fact that something is ostensibly a good cause does not exempt it from responsibilities of a political and historical nature. Comic Relief can seriously be accused of racism … Read More

Former Laureate at Uni WW1 commemoration

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Sir Andrew Motion, former Poet Laureate, will be at the University of Leeds next Wednesday. His visit is part of the University’s commemoration of the First World War. There will be events taking place throughout the day, including a rededication ceremony, poetry readings, music performances and an exhibition opening. The … Read More

News | Missing soldiers to be named in Brotherton War Memorial

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The names of twenty-five World War One soldiers are to be added to the Brotherton Library Great War Memorial, as part of the University’s centenary commemorations. The names of the twenty-five soldiers, who were all in some way connected with the University of Leeds, were discovered by community researcher David … Read More

Books | Top 5 World War One Novels

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A hundred years on from the start of World War One, the devastating battle that defined a century has been commemorated in fiction in numerous ways. To mark the centenary, LSi takes a look at the best accounts of ‘the war to end all wars’. #1. A Farewell to Arms, Ernest … Read More

Comment | The brutal lessons of WW1

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Most people’s knowledge of the Great War is summed up perfectly in an episode of Friends in which Phoebe and Rachel reach the conclusion that the allied forces fought against Mexico in the First World War. I should point out that Germany did indeed attempt to ally itself with Mexico, … Read More

Comment | All quiet reigns supreme

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When you’re a kid, things seem so innocent. You are given lots of toys by mummy and daddy which you can use to create your own little fantasy world. And in this fantasy world, heroes are aplenty. My favourite hero was Action Man, the dark-haired beefy soldier. I could always … Read More

Comment | The public, poppies and rabid patriotism

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As this year will mark the centenary anniversary since the outbreak of the First World War, perhaps it is a good time to reconsider how we remember WW1 and other conflicts. We are in a situation where the traditional British Legion red poppy has, to all intents and purposes, become the only … Read More

Comment | Imperial Britain ignores fallen heroes

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The white crosses scattered across the battlefields of the First World War have become a poignant and harrowing symbol of the war that was meant to end them all. Popularised by John McCrae’s beautiful poem, they serve as a reminder of the brave sacrifice of a lost generation in what … Read More