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Rick Astely’s Rickrolling His Way to First Direct Area This Friday

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Question, Reader: Who is so powerful that he could become a prince of pop culture without even trying? You’re right. It’s Rick Astley. Although you might know him from the ‘Rickrolling’ meme from 2007, there’s actually much more to Astley’s music than one may suspect. He is just one of … Read More

RAYE Brings a Whirlwind of Emotion to The Wardrobe, 02.11.18

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What can you say about Raye that hasn’t been said before? Frankly, a lot. Compared to the opening act, Kara Marni, Raye was extraordinarily versatile and talented. It was like Led Zeppelin following up a high school band recital. Yet at the same time, Kara Marni wasn’t that bad. Indeed, … Read More

MØ Creates Lush Worlds of Beauty in New Album, Forever Neverland

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MØ’s latest record is pretty interesting as far as pop music goes, but I wonder if it’s a step in the wrong direction for the Danish singer. I’ll say this though: it’s not as good as No Mythologies to Follow. Indeed, I often find while listening to this new record … Read More

Disturbed Release New Album, Evolution

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Let’s start with what this album does right, because there isn’t much to say in that regard. The main attraction is frontman David Draiman’s voice, which seems to have only improved with time. This is most noticeable on the final track, ‘Already Gone,’ a mostly slow, acoustic number with no … Read More

Ghostface Killah Releases New Album, The Lost Tapes

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The Lost Tapes is the latest offering of classic 90’s New York-styled hip-hop from arguably the best member of the Wu-Tang Clan. It’s fantastic. A collaboration with a producer named Big Ghost, Lost Tapes sounds less like an artist trying something new, and more like an old legend going for … Read More

You Me At Six Tries to Impress With New Album, VI

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You Me At Six’s sixth album, VI, is a pretty good record, but not as good as the old ones. That about sums it up. The band is continuing their shift away from pop-punk in favour of a cooler, but more generic, indie rock. This is best emphasised on the … Read More

In The Middle with Racheal Bee (ILuvLive)

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ILuvLive, a touring project dedicated to showcasing up-and-coming artists in various cities across the UK, recently had a show at Leeds’ very own Headrow House. To commemorate the event, Zack Moore spoke to ILuvLive owner Rachael Bee, about both the workings of the festival and its future. I began by … Read More

‘Concrete and Gold’ by Foo Fighters

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Right from the intro track, you can tell this album is going to be a mess of poorly-executed radio-rock clichés. Or rather, it foreshadows it, because the first half of the record is actually alright, with the singles ‘Run’ and ‘Sky Is A Neighbourhood’ revealing solid, if not a bit … Read More

The Brooders @ Brudenell Social Club, 24/03/17

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The Brooders played the Brudenell this Friday to a half-empty crowd of mostly disappointed faces, on account of headlining act Fighting Caravans dropping out a few hours before the show. Not that it matters in the slightest, however, because the band still managed to deliver a performance that would have … Read More

Preview: Iron Maiden @ First Direct, 11/5/17

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What more can be said of Iron Maiden that hasn’t been said already? Instrumental to the success of the NWOBHM scene of the early ‘80s, early pioneers of both the Progressive and Melodic metal subgenres, and possibly metal’s best-known band outside of Black Sabbath and Metallica, Iron Maiden have reached … Read More