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Plastic Free By 2023

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The University of Leeds and Leeds University Union have pledged to stop using single-use plastics on campus by 2023, it was announced on Wednesday 7th November. Students have responded positively to the news that their university is aiming to become single-use plastic free. Between now and 2023, LUU and Leeds … Read More

Budget 2018: What Does it Mean for Students?

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This week has seen the beginning of sub-zero temperatures, ice-covered streets and Arctic winds battering Leeds students. If that wasn’t chilly enough, the government have revealed their budget for the year, mapping out how they plan spend the nation’s money. Wow. You are going to want to watch and share … Read More

Blind Woman and Guide Dog Targeted in Hyde Park Firework Attack

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A blind woman in her 50s has been left distressed after youths targeted fireworks at her and her guide dog, at around 8pm in Hyde Park yesterday evening (Tuesday 30th October). The woman and her dog were walking along Moorland Road when they were attacked with fireworks that were being … Read More

Leading Cancer Research Team Wins the 2018 European Health Award

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Researchers from the University of Leeds and Queen’s University Belfast, in a partnership called the European Cancer Concord (ECC), have won the prestigious European Health Award, with their research project entitled ‘The European Cancer Patient’s Bill of Rights: A Catalyst for Change and an empowerment tool for cancer patients across … Read More

NUS Survey Finds that 70% of Students Feel ‘Peer Pressured’ to Drink Alcohol

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The National Union of Students (NUS) recently conducted a survey of 2,215 students in higher education to gain a better insight into their relationship with alcohol. Alcohol forms a key part of Freshers Weeks and many societies’ socials. Despite this, many students have expressed the necessity for more sober socials, … Read More

Campus Watch

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Cambridge: Stormzy Launches a New Scholarship for Black Students On A-Level results day the rapper announced that he will pay the tuition fees for two black students to complete undergraduate degrees at the University of Cambridge. The scholarship is in response to Cambridge failing to admit any black pupils from … Read More

A Blogger With An Opinion

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Beauty giant L’Oréal recently launched a campaign that revolutionised the hair care industry by being the first beauty brand to show a woman wearing a hijab in a hair care advert. Amena Khan, the popular YouTuber and blogger, aided them in advocating the message that hair care is for everyone, … Read More

Cultural Appreciation Or Cultural Appropriation?

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Before coming to university, I hadn’t really given the concept of cultural appropriation much thought. Living in a small town, many people dressed in the same way. However, since moving to a large, diverse city I have been exposed to people from all over the world with conflicting opinions and ... Read More

The end of Kevin Spacey?

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I came forward with my story, standing on the shoulders of the many courageous women and men who have been speaking out 1/3— Anthony Rapp (@albinokid) October 30, 2017 Anthony Rapp, the actor famous for playing Lieutenant Paul Stamets in ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ has made headlines recently for accusing Kevin ... Read More

Female Body Hair, Is It Accepted?

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Arvida Bryström, does the name ring a bell? Arvida is a Swedish model who challenges gender stereotypes and promotes mental health awareness. But this time she is making headlines for another reason. The twenty-six-year-old recently appeared in an Adidas superstars campaign, where she showed off her unshaven legs. Since then, … Read More