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The High Street’s Top Trios

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Our experience of the high street is ultimately the one thing that keeps drawing us back. It has become a weekly ritual to throw away our hard-earned cash in exchange for the clothes of our dreams (or the nearest alternative that won’t bankrupt us). So, to reflect on the stores … Read More

The most inconspicuous billionaire?

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Every business student has come across the Inditex (Zara) study case. The majority of us have studied the characteristics of this company and I could list myself some traits and examples of its  internationalisation over the previous decades. However, how much do we know about its owner? Do we know … Read More

Is Zara’s new “ungendered” range of clothing exclusively masculine?

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This week signalled the launch of Zara’s hotly anticipated new “ungendered” range of clothing. I use the inverted commas with intent. In reality, all it features is t-shirts, tracksuits and jeans modelled by both male and female models in a half-hearted attempt at maverick new genderless fashion. What’s really ironic … Read More

Fashion | Micro Trend – Statement Sweaters

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Jumpers are holding centre stage this season in the form of statement sweatshirts. Finally – a wearable catwalk trend. If there is anything essential to our winter layering in the North, it’s definitely sweaters. Designers have created a trend you can wear while being comfortable, cosy and chic. However these … Read More

Fashion | Micro Trend – Powder Blue

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Tones for the autumn season can often feel a little like a transitional no man’s land, caught between the eye-popping summer neons and the rich winter woolens. However, it’s become clear both from the fashion week catwalks and by the clothes on the high street that sherbet shades, particularly this … Read More

Fashion I Club to Style – Call Lane

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As THE street for suave cocktail bars in Leeds City centre, attracting locals and students looking for a night of respite from the average student nights, Call Lane dressing requires a more sophisticated way of dressing. Throw on those glad rags and leave those sneakers at the doorstep, because gals- … Read More