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Reveal the Deep: Thalassophobia ahoy

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Reveal the Deep might be bare on the instructions side, but the title more or less gives you all the information you need. A lone deep sea diver, trudging around in gear similar to Bioshock’s Big Daddy or a pre-Delta Johnny Topside, you find yourself on the deck of a … Read More

Leeds Indie Food Festival launch: A religious experience for your tastebuds

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For me, the Press Launch of the Leeds Indie Food Fest ’16 started off with a religious experience. After I walked in the door of Headrow House I was handled a warm box of food, which very well could have been a mini ark of the covenant for all my … Read More

Dark Souls 3: YOU DIED. No kidding.

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Making a game based purely on combat immersive enough to make you want to pour hours into is difficult, especially for a game as unforgiving – and generally downright abusive – as Dark Souls 3. Why do people keep coming back to it, again and again, despite the fact the … Read More

Serena: Herald of the point-and-click renaissance

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Was it a good idea to play Serena at midnight, after three glasses of wine, in a darkened room? Probably not. Even though Serena lasted only forty-five minutes in the same darkened, dusty cabin, I thought I’d be relieved when I got to the end. But the end…well, in the … Read More

Firewatch: Voyage into the wild

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Firewatch is a dangerous game. Why? Because it lulls you into a false sense of security, makes you want to leave it all behind and escape into the Wyoming wilderness. Man goes out into the wilderness to forget his wife, Man reconnects with the simplicity of nature, Man forms a … Read More

Editor’s Q&A with Laura Barnett, author of The Versions of Us

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Following the success of her debut novel The Versions of Us, the film rights of which have just been bought by the minds behind My Week With Marilyn. In The Middle talks to Laura about destiny, love and her advice for aspiring writers. The book has drawn parallels with Sliding … Read More

LGBTQ* in gaming: Love, Greenbriar, Borderlands and Talos

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Applying terms like tolerant or open-minded seems outmoded in the 21st century, as accepting someone’s sexual preference is pretty much a case of simply being a decent human being. Oh for a time when we can count ourselves like the Asari from Mass Effect, who in addition to rocking sapphire-blue … Read More

The Turk’s Head: Victoriana revisited

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The one thing I have always thought that was missing from the Leeds nightlife scene is a place that looks like the set for a contemporary Dickens fashion shoot, probably the kind that would be featured in Vogue or Tatler with moody dark lighting and copious amounts of smoky eyeshadow. … Read More

Fargo: Disrupted Normality

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1979. Luverne, Minnesota. Offscreen, Ronald Reagan is being impaled with (fake) arrows whilst the extras playing the wounded soldiers at the massacre of Sioux Falls yell out for blankets to keep them warm whilst they wait. How is this relevant to Fargo, the terrific crime drama that manages to appear … Read More

Video Games | The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot – Not epic but adequate

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The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot sends you on a mighty quest on two levels. On one level you will be running around as either a knight or an archer collecting piles of glittering golden coins while shooting chickens and small frogs in the face. On another, you will be … Read More