Your Favourite Clotheshorse Puts Pen To Paper

In case you haven’t yet found the perfect of-the-moment collar or fitting brogue to satisfy your sartorial demands, the reigning champ for British style, Ms. Alexa Chung, is set to design her own collection — giving the rest of us a leg-up in the world of preppy perfection.

From owning her It-girl status to winning the “British Style Icon” title (not once, but twice), her effortlessly chic, messy locks and penchant for simple ensembles has been turning heads of girls and boys alike for years. Hitting the scene in 2000 as a small-time TV presenter, she’s fast-tracked her way to the top, becoming a muse for Karl Lagerfeld, the influence behind that Mulberry bag, and a permanent front-row fixture at Fashion Week (not to mention the face for half-dozen different brands).

Not content with all of the above, and following the success of her collection for US brand, Madewell, she’s taking to designing her own label. Quite simply, the gal’s got “nothing to lose,” she tells Numero magazine, and insists that the designs will all truly be her own. “In this current era of celebrity no one believes you actually design the stuff anyway, even though I sketch everything myself,” she explained. “So if it sucks I can say I had nothing to do with it, and if it’s really good I can say ‘Here are the drawings, it’s all my own work!'” (Telegraph)

“I am really happy to be doing it. I used to dream I could go to fashion shows and now I’m living that dream,” she also tells Numero. We eagerly await the arrival of the debut collection. Model-turned-presenter-turned-clotheshorse-turned-designer — now, that’s quite the mouthful.

Photo: Vogue China

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