Light Night dazzles City

Leeds was awash with light and colour as the City held its annual night light celebration on Friday evening. 

All around the city, key monuments such as the City Hall and the West Yorkshire Playhouse were illuminated, providing a fresh perspective on familiar surroundings.

Boasting over 50 individual exhibitions, performances and light projections, from zombie aerobics to taxidermy and masquerades, the City was bursting with activity.

There were also a number of events taking place across campus, including ghost stories in the Brotherton library and an exhibition in the Emmanuel centre.

One of the highlights of the evening was the Hand of Time sculpture in the Millennium Square. Created by people both with and without disabilities from the local Pyramid of Arts charity, it is an exhibition that draws attention to the importance of finding time for each other.

Matt Colmer, from Lumen, was one of the many organisers on hand who praised the event for “inviting a more cultural aspect to Leeds” and that it was “really rewarding to see such a family atmosphere with so many people enjoying themselves”.

Emily Watts

PHOTO: Shawn Roys



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