Live Review // Field Music @ Cockpit


Is anyone like Field Music? Do the same musical attention to detail, the clever tempo-changes and brotherly love exist elsewhere in the same way? Field Music are certainly cleverly increasing the love for key-changes we lost during episodes of the X Factor over the years, so there’s no question about the mercury nomination.


Field Music may have just started out as the Brewis-boys from Sunderland, but growing into a four-piece, its certain that it’s not just the originals who hold this Field Music-only level of detail. Field Music are all true musicians. Brothers David and Peter Brewis alone are swapping instruments constantly, constantly watching whoever is choosing to take the frontman role, concentrating intensely on their ever-changing time signatures. Their musical intelligence doesn’t stop at the extraordinary melodies and vocals in the likes of ‘Start The Day Right’ and ‘Its Okay to Change’, not to mention the dark accordion introduction to ‘A New Town’, which wouldn’t be out of place in a Paddy Considine film, Field Music aren’t afraid to support their work elsewhere. The set features songs from Brewis side projects The Week That Was and School of Language, with tracks like ‘The Rockist Part 4’ are particularly favoured by the crowd.


Field Music might well be the band that scrambles every genre into one, but with their level of musical ability, it’s more of a showcase of their talents. From the funk-style ‘Lets Write a Book’ with sleazy and impregnating bass lines that wouldn’t be out of place on a Prince record, to the more upbeat sing-alongs ‘(I Keep Thinking About) A New Thing’ and ‘Them That Do Nothing’, Field Music know exactly what they’re doing. They’re musically brilliant and yet remain utterly charm-filled.



Words : Charlotte Stones

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