Dance | A Great Big Burlesque Bonanza

5/5 stars

Stanley and Audrey Burton Theatre

Saturday 6 October


A perfect escape from the monotonous drone of Fresher’s events, Heidi Bang Tidy and her Burlesque Bonanza inject some much needed excitement into Leeds night life. With an eclectic mix of acts based on everything from classical ballet to the dark side of Betty Page, this show is anything but predictable.

The audience were lucky enough to be in the presence of burlesque royalty in the form of Anna Fur Laxis, Britain’s answer to Dita Von Teese. Her famous goldfish routine provided some comic relief after the incredible intensity of the classically trained Mia Merode, who impressed all with her elegance and sumptuous costumes.

The night was a dazzling display of magicians and musicians as well as burlesque performers; a particular highlight was upcoming star Ruby Macintosh. Ruby seems to be the perfect love child of Paloma Faith and Lily Allen, bringing fifties sex appeal to catchy and modern lyrics (her website is well worth a look-

Burlesque is without doubt a celebration of the feisty female- if the confidence and sass of the acts was not enough then the excitement of the predominantly female audience is certainly confirmation. As a member of the audience, you are not simply a voyeur. The very essence of burlesque lies in the participation of the viewers, who are encouraged to cat-call, wolf whistle and stamp their feet for the whole of Leeds to hear.

Yet don’t be fooled- this is not a strip show. The removal of these exquisite costumes is an art form; tasteful but with all the raunchiness you’d expect from an energetic and simply marvellous Yorkshire night out.


Lydia Boucher and Anna Beketov


Heidi Bang Tidy will be returning to Leeds on December 8th for more feisty fun. For more information and to book tickets, visit:

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