Introducing: Happa

Meet Happa, a 15 year old prodigy and rising talent in the bass/UK house scene this year.  Leeds Student Clubs caught up with the Leeds-based producer for a quick chat…

LS: You’re very young compared to most producers.  When did you start making music and how did you get involved in music production?
My brother introduced me to my first DAW ages ago, but I never really got into to it until around a year and a half ago out of boredom really. I had never thought about it as a hobby or anything of that sort at all.

LS: I read you were initially into dubstep a few years ago. What sparked your interest in house and techno?
Yeah, I still am to be honest. I think my taste just progressed in a way lots of people have coming from dubstep into new and interesting sounds such as house, techno and other 4/4 stuff. Artists such as Dark Sky were a big help towards the journey, as they are kind of inbetween.

LS: What I find really interesting about your productions, especially in ‘Freak’ and ‘Boss’ is that it doesn’t just stick to the standard house/techno formula that many producers can’t escape from.  Particularly the bass where I can hear a strong dubstep or UK influence. Would that be fair to say?
I was definitely still discovering ‘my sound’ a lot more then, but yeah I can definitely agree with there being dubstep/UK influences in there, especially in ‘Boss’.

LS: You also write under another name, Zadeh. Can you tell us a bit about Zadeh and how he differs from Happa?
I would say that Zadeh is more about slower beats, and a much more chilled, (what I call) ‘dystopia vibe’ and that’s it really… no boundaries.

LS: You’re releasing ‘Freak’ on 2nd Drop Records, known for their dubstep releases. How did you get involved with the label?
I was actually put in touch with them via a friend, and we just got talking a bit over Soundcloud and things just lead on from there. As you were saying it has quite a lot of dubstep influences in there, so I think It should (hopefully) fit in amongst the other amazing releases on the brilliant label that is 2nd Drop

LS: You’re playing in Leeds this Friday at the Musiquarium. Is DJing something you want to pursue as much as production? and what should we expect from your set, if anything?
Well I actually started producing first which then led to the opportunity to DJ, so I am definitely more of a producer at heart but I do enjoy playing out. Ooo umm… lots and lots of techno, new and old.

Check out Happa’s soundcloud to hear more at

He plays at the Musiquarium in Leeds on Friday 12th October, alongside Deft, Compa and Paleman. Tickets £7

photo courtesy of Toast Press


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