LS Answers: Do blondes actually have more fun?

With more and more women reaching for the bleach, LS investigates whether the fairer-haired actually have a better time than the rest of us.

The saying is perhaps true if you look at the statistic that 27% of men prefer blonde women when choosing a date, the highest preference of any hair colour. Maybe this is due to the fact that research has shown that blondes are said to be more confident, outgoing, and even more likely to ask their boss for a pay rise or time off. However, a study conducted in Paris found that being around blondes actually makes men dumber, with men losing points on a general knowledge test when first being shown pictures of blonde women.

But the idea that blondes are more ‘desirable’ and have “an evolutionary advantage” goes back to the caveman days.  As the blonde gene is recessive, there were a lot less blondes compared to brunette, giving blondes a novelty value.

But fear not all you brunettes and redheads out there, you have your advantages too, not only do brunettes have a better work life and generally earn more money (around £4,000 a year) when compared to blondes. They are also more likely to attract the attention of millionaires, due to the fact that around two-thirds of the world’s richest men’s partners are brunettes.  It is also said that when men are looking for a wife, they are more likely to go for a darker-haired woman as they are more trustworthy and competent. As for you redheads, you are said to have more fun in the bedroom and a better sex life – more sex more often and more partners!

So do blondes really have more fun? I guess it depends on who you’re asking and what your idea of fun is!

Francesca Rubie

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