Student Samaritans stop Mint pickpocket

A couple on a night out at Mint nightclub foiled a pickpocket, after allegedly confronting him as he stole mobile phones.

West Yorkshire Police are appealing for the savvy students to come forward. The pair is believed to have helped stop the theft, with the police hailing them “student Samaritans”.

On the night of the incident the conscientious couple noticed a man believed to be stealing mobile phones from fellow clubbers. It is believed the couple then approached the man , apprehended him and then told staff what had happened.

An 18 year old male has now been arrested and charged with two thefts after the students’ heroic act. Police have advised students to take extra care when on nights out. West Yorkshire Police warn that “many mobile phones are stolen in places like pubs and nightclubs when they are left on a bar, table or on a nearby seat. Open handbags also prove tempting for thieves, as do carried rucksacks, coats left hanging on chairs and phones left unattended in vehicles and other places.”

So far, the police have been unable to trace the have-a-go heroes, and are appealing for them to get in touch. Police urge anyone who knows or saw the couple at the Harrison Street club on the Monday September 27 to come forward.

Those with information should get in contact with PC Frederick Winster at Holbeck CID, via the non-emergency police contact number ‘101’.


Words: Max Bruges

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