Students 'fess up online

A new Facebook group asking users to message them “your most disgusting, hilarious, embarrassing confessions from Leeds University” has taken Leeds by storm.

Created only on Monday, the group had garnered over 4500 ‘likes’ at time of print. Dozens of students from across the university have already submitted embarrassing stories of nights out.

With individual ‘confessions’ separately garnering hundreds of appreciative likes and comments, the page has quickly outstripped pages for Leeds Metropolitan and The Edge Sports Centre in terms of popularity. Growing at the rate of more than 100 ‘likes’ an hour, it is speculated that ‘Leeds Uni Confessions’ will soon overtake the official Leeds University page.

Stories include humorous and crass anecdotes, ranging from horrific initiation challenges to romantic liaisons gone-wrong.  Unsurprisingly, the site has become the post-Varsity battleground for insults about Leeds Met.

Not all stories, however, have focussed on the vulgar and scurrilous: “I used the lift in EddyB to go from the 9th floor to the 10th”, wrote one confessor. Speaking for all, another replied: “You sicken me”.


Words: Mellie Barkes

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